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User Rides / Re: 1983 Ford Thunderbird Heritage
Last post by Ductape91 -
Since it was warm out today i stopped by the thunderbird to get some belated work done.
Todays mission: Drop Fuel Tank and retrieve Fuel Sender.

Started out by undoing the rear fuel line fitting to hook up something to siphon the remaining fuel out. A horrible mess, gas all over me multiple times since the brass connector on my siphon hose was too short and the area to work in was tight. That and the hose on the car was 3/8 instead of being 5/16 like i was expecting. Ugh.
Moved onto the front to do this first and some mess but success.

I used one of those hand pump things that harbor freight used to sell for like 5 bucks but the one i bought from autohole cost $35 and said it was safe to pump gasoline, which the harbor freight one clearly said dont do. Slow but worked and spent some time soaking up all the spilled gas with all the trash on the floor and using my blower to dry it up enough to work on it.
Whipped out the jackstands to support the tank and pulled it out.

The tank, they must have had a grand old time spraying green and yellow paint all over randomly on this car cause i keep finding it.

The new tank

Then began the task of removing the sender.
Glad i always have a non sparking tool around considering how heavy the gas vapors were in the garage at this point.

Checking the positioning of it inside the tank.

Now that i got it out i can see it and check it over.

E3SE-9275-EB is the part number

There was a broken wire on it yet it still worked fine for some reason. Weird. Going to clean it up and measure some things on it so i can continue with my possible replacements project.
User Rides / Re: Chuck's '83 TBird
Last post by Chuck W -
The battery relocation kit showed up today.

My current set-up that is in the rear seat area is just using a mega-fuse as protection, but I opted to go with the dual circuit-breakers this time. It should also allow me an easier battery disconnect when the car sits for a little bit, but I plan to be driving it more moving forward.

I bought a battery box, which is kind of over-kill for the smaller Odyssey battery I have, but was trying to sort out packaging it and a full-size spare tire in the trunk.

Option 1 - Spare in the stock location and battery up on the frame

Option 2 - Spare relocated and battery in the well

Option 3 - Spare in the stock location and Odyssey up on the frame with no box

I can just cut my current Odyssey mount from the rear sear area and weld it down in the trunk.

With the box, I was going to mount the C.B. circuitry on the side of the box, but with the Odyssey, I'll mount them on a board in an accessible location.

I'm leaning towards Option 3 and saving the box for another project at the moment, as I really don't *need* a box for the Odyssey.

Lounge / Re: SSF PLZ.
Last post by EricCoolCats -
Hi John! That doesn't exist anymore...we lost some things when transitioning over to the new board software. Everyone is posting projects out in the open now.
Lounge / SSF PLZ.
Last post by custompunk -
Hello, me John C with the used to go by BLU84302 when I started here in my 20 years ago.  Just wanted to see if I could get access to the section of the board that was the old Super Secret Forum that had interesting topic of who's doin what these days.

User Rides / Re: Chuck's '83 TBird
Last post by Chuck W -
I'm not sure if they're still made or not.

I have 4 doors, 3 fenders, a hood and header panel sitting in my storage shed at the other property. I know one set of the doors was a vent-window car, but I wasn't sure about the other.

The set of silver 83-84 doors I have has the regular full glass in them. Drug the DS door home a little while ago.  Man, these doors are heavy...

User Rides / Re: Chuck's '83 TBird
Last post by Aerocoupe -
Well that sucks man. I’ve had to replace one window in my 83 and one in the 85 TC (long ago sold) and both were from thieves that didn’t believe the red blinking led in the dash.

Are the door glass on these cars no longer made? Only ask is I know where a 85/86 car is that I could pull the windows out of if needed.
User Rides / Re: Chuck's '83 TBird
Last post by Chuck W -

Not sure how I managed to do it, but I shattered the DS door glass while trying to fix the loose mount.
Luckily I had a spare in one of the doors I have in storage. Just need to get it pulled and transferred.

Been bouncing back and forth between this and Sadie's Bug the past week or so.

Got the rear cage bars fabbed up. Just need to get the paint and get them into the car. Just going to pick up some of the 2K aerosol stuff in the 1Q paint code.

Need to get my battery relocation stuff ordered so I can wrap that up. I thought about moving it back under the hood, but I just don't have a place for it now.

Speaking of wrap, I need to also finish up the bullet hole patching so I can get with my buddy to have the top of the car wrapped.