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T-Bird/Cougar Parts & Cars FOR SALE / Pair of 1986 T-Bird & Cougar parts cars
Hey all.... I have both an 86 T-Bird  and 86 Cougar I'm parting out here in Claremore, OK.

The T-BIRD: was a 5.0/AOD car but the motor is gone, along with most of the interior. It was darker red with red interior. Important pieces like the header panel/grill and tail lights are either busted up or not worth pulling. This car sat a long time behind a barn and most of the wiring is shot along with the paint....ironically the body overall is actually in very good shape rust wise.

The COUGAR: same 1986 5.0/AOD car, drivetrain is complete, have rolled engine over by hand, thats I've done with it as, much like the T-Bird, the wiring is chewed up and not brave enough to but a battery in it. This ones blue on blue cloth and most of the interior is there but the drivers window was down for several years so the interior is pretty rough. Overall the body is decent but it had something dent the passenger side up high (about the middle of the window height).

Either car would be good for sheet metal replacement and/or build into a race car and I'd prefer to sell them as complete (or as complete as they are) and neither has a title but can provide a Bill of Sale.

If interested, I can email/text pics as requested (the Bird is at my house, the Cougar is parked at a buddies place a half hour away, can get pics within a couple days)

I'd sell either car cheap: $250 for the Bird and $375 for the Cougar

Would like to see both of these go to good use before I need to haul them off.
Suspension/Steering / Re: Brake upgrade situation
Ok guys, thanks for all the info..... I'm leaning towards using the SN95 stuff in the long run, but for now I'm enjoying driving it nearly every day....just being cautious on my braking distance!!!

Suspension/Steering / Re: Brake upgrade situation
Thanks Chuck.....

I was leaning towards the 5-lug stuff as the better upgrade but the TurboCoupe axle would sure be easier LOL

As far as the rear lower control arms, I left the '00 ones attached to the body and only pulled the axle assembly, planning on using the Bird's control arms. The info on the control arm hardware is helpful and I'll be sure to make notes on that when/if I get around actually doing any upgrade.

Seeing pics of your Bird really has me leaning towards using my Cobra wheels I have......what size tires are you running and what springs did you go with? I'm sure theres a build thread on it somewhere on here......?  
Suspension/Steering / Brake upgrade situation
Ok, I've recently acquired a very nice, original 83 Thunderbird Heritage 5.0 car with 67,000 miles. I've forgotten how bad stock brakes are as my Capri has 4-wheels disks. I'm debating on upgrading to 4-wheel disks but have a couple options I'm kicking around.....

Option 1- I was given a mostly stripped 2000 Mustang V6 car that I've pulled the complete rear axle and spindles from (also have a pair of 94 front spindles that I'm told are the better ones to use to keep geometry correct). The V6 cars as we know have the 7.5 which is fine as I'm more concerned with it stopping safely than making enough power to hurt that axle. The axle has all new rotors, calipers and pads and seems to be in working order and has 3:27 gears (open diff). If I go this route, I have the option of running a set of 16" Lincoln LSC wheels that I have a new set of tires for......or......I also have a set of 17" '96 Cobra wheels that I'd have to buy new rubber for.

Onto option 2.....

I've recently been told about an 87/88 TurboCoupe with no drivetrain that the guy wants to get rid of quickly and cheap. The 8.8 T-Lok  disk axle would be a nice upgrade but a little overkill for for a daily driver type car and I could keep my American Racing 5-star wheels I'm currently running (16").

I'm thinking despite halving most of the parts on hand to do the 5-lug upgrade, I may travel  to get the 87/88 Bird and swap the 8.8 under it and possibly even upgrade the front spindles to the 87+ Mustang/TC sized rotors also.

Guess I'm just looking for opinions and insight here. I know all the other issues with master cylinders etc but thats not really a problem as it'll all be replaced when the upgrade happens anyways.

Show Photos / Power Tour 2015 pics
You mean there was another Capri on the tour!?!?!?!?!

Yes, I know gm is the main sponsor but like I said, it was SUPPOSED to be Hot Rod Power Tour but obviously they've sold out.
Show Photos / Power Tour 2015 pics
We did Power Tour also but took my 86 Capri....this was it's 3rd Long Haul: 2001, 2002, 2015. Tons of great scenery and cars, but I feel it's become "gm power tour" instead of Hot Rod. It got real old hearing about how great the generic-motors  is/was and always will be shoved down your throat. Enough about that though.

Luckily for me, the Capri only sustained it's normal rock chips and bug splatter. LOL  I too, surprisingly, got alot of compliments on it. Seemed the farther South we went the more it was appreciated. No mechanical issues for the Capri (ran cool the whole time, used no oil- I checked it on Wednesday and again after we got home- and even managed to average 26 mpg with a best of 29.6!!) but my buddies 70 Maverick managed to eat both rear shocks and Dad's 40 Ford Street Rod popped a hole in the aluminum radiator. Luckily both were fixed at nearby exits and we continued on without too much hassle.

It amazes me that I never saw your Bird on the trip, but then again there were so many cars I bet we really only saw about 1/4th of them!!! Heres a quick pic of the Capri at the beach in Gulfport, MS