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User Rides / Re: Back in a fox. 1988 Turbo Coupe. The life journal.
Last post by Tbird232ci -
A pictureless update!

The main thing I've been doing is gathering parts. It's been nothing too exciting. Cobra rotors, Cobra master cylinder, and a bunch of misc. stuff. I tried to order the speedometer drive gear and VSS gear kit, but they seem to be backordered everywhere.

I did go out and try to tidy the garage. I'm going to need to tear into the T5, so I wanted to clear off my tool box to use it as a bench. I came to the conclusion that I really don't have enough tool box. I had been wanting the US General 72" but they have gotten a little expensive compared to the rest of their line At work, I have a Husky box, and it's good enough. Husky currently has an 84" box that's cheaper, but I'm not sure if I like the drawer layout. The shame is that none of the local stores have the particular boxes I'm looking at, so I can't put my hands on them until they're delivered. Hopefully that will happen in the next few weeks.

I am quite good at finding excuses for not making progress.
Engine Tech / Re: Misfire - '88 TC
Last post by Tbird232ci -
That sucks, especially since your spark plugs dont indicate a blown headgasket couldve been the issue.

It's actually pretty common. These things will blow the gasket between cylinders rather than between the cylinder and cooling jacket. The plus might just show rich, which will make you think it's an ignition problem.

Luckily, the 2.3L is pretty easy to yank the head off of. It's just heavy.
Engine Tech / Re: Misfire - '88 TC
Last post by Mikey97D -
Pulled the head off and the gasket popped between cylinder 2 & 3.

Head is back on and need to button up a few other items.
Lounge / Re: Problem with forum.
Last post by Tbird232ci -
I had luck with going through my account settings, and finding where you can set the default theme. I set it to the grey and it's been defaulting to it every time I log in.
Lounge / Re: Problem with forum.
Last post by Turbojet -
I'm having the same trouble. I clicked on the dropdown and none of them show anything. The "Storm Cloud" is highlighted, but I can't click on it.
User Rides / Re: Back in a fox. 1988 Turbo Coupe. The life journal.
Last post by Tbird232ci -
I am sad to hear the T/A had to go.  I always a fan of that generation body although getting the motor in and out was a PIA without a lift.

Unfortunately, it was just time. It looked nice, but it had so much rust in it. The time and money involved in fixing would have cost more than a replacement car.

I really like that sim racing setup.  I don't play much of any video games because I just don't have any extra time of late.  You have quite the collection along with the RC cars.

It's the blessing of not having children. I have coworkers with kids that love to say "must be nice." The downfall is being the almost 40 year old guy in the neighborhood with cool toys and looking creepy without kids  :giggle:

Going to the 5.0 T5 transmission,  what rear gear do you think will work well with the 2.3 and that setup? 

I sat for like, an hour trying to figure out the ratios to run. 4.10s will keep first gear pretty much the same. 5th gear RPM will be close enough as well. It'll be nice not having that steep difference between 2nd and 3rd.

What does the SN95 steering components have over the original TC equipment?  Won't that steering rack have a wider ratio than the TC & Cobra racks?

I know Chuck posted that link to Maximum Motorsports, and it's a lot of reading. The short of it is the actual ratio is the same. It's the same turns lock-to-lock. The valving in the racks will change how much input you make on the wheel for the hydraulics to assist. Basically, it makes the steering less numb and gives much more feedback. With the pump I chose, it'll also reduce the amount of assist as well. I drove an 03 GT and the steering feels much more direct, even though it's technically the same. The steering shaft is the biggest hold up right now. It's not cheap as you saw.

What is the plan for a booster once the TEVES is gone?

I'm going with a 93 cobra booster. It's supposed to be the same as an SN95 booster, but with the proper bolt pattern for a fox. I';; be using an SN95 master as well.

Looking forward to following along again!

Hopefully I can stick with it for a while. I've been doing tons of research and digging for parts. It'll be a lot of fun to start assembling and building.

Glad to see you back around here.

That is a bunch of $$ in RC gear! We have a few of the Tamiya kits between me and the boys. Nothing like the array you have,
Me being the dork I am like the Tamiya stuff, because I like to build the kits,

Dude, it's bad. The vast majority of what I have is Tamiya, and most of it is old and used. I started seeking out stuff that I wanted as a kid, and when you find one, you tend to find a few more. I also have a closet with a bunch of new, unbuilt Tamiya kits and Team Associated to re-released some of their RC10 kits.

I can never choose inexpensive hobbies.