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Suspension/Steering / Poking help
I recently completed a 4 to 5 lug conversion, including disc brakes, front and back my front spindles are from a 95 mustang and my front brake components  are from a 2000 mustang. I also used lowering springs front and rear and so when I place my wheels on the rear it fit perfectly no issues but there was a slight poke on my passenger side front wheel, the wheels are a staggered 18 x 10 rear and 18 x 9 front with +24 offset and 5.95 backspacing, tire sizes are 295/35/18 rear and 255/35/18 front .  Any suggestions for resolving this poke?D7B9E5C3-BD02-46DE-8EDD-6FECDB6C02BE.jpg9E9F7C13-F6AC-4840-B325-6D65A81DE5A0.jpg
Drivetrain Tech / Axle swap
OK I know this horse been beat to death but let’s beat it a different way.  I recently want to a u pull it salvage yard I spent the day collecting calibers rotors brackets spindles hubs I guess you can see where I’m going with this yeah I was collecting for a 4-5 lug conversion it was going good until when I realized Man these axles are a little bit long.  this mustang is not the 96 8.8 V8 I came for but the 1999
Why I didn’t notice the Dual caliber, I don’t know.
But my question is can I still use this axles (30.75)length in my 88 sport.  ( the salvage yard combined with hour drive I would rather not make that trip again if I don’t have too plus a lot of seized bolts)
Engine Tech / Build approval someone please!
Hey guys
I’ve been preparing to take my engine out to address rear main seal issue. So while it’s out I plan to do some mods. I been researching this for sometime now. Like everyone else I want to do it on a small budget.  I feel good about my plan but I want to post it for some feed back. Now for the plan, my goal is 300whp daily driver.  Parts:

-1995 explorer GT40P heads, upper and lower intake, fuel injectors, and throttle body
-New lifters
-1.7 rocker arms
-New push rods
-ford racing e303 cam
-88 mustang ECU
My research tells me that this combination of parts can potentially  yield me the desired hp I seek. Please any feedback will be much appreciated. Disclaimer I am a complete novelist when it comes to engine building. This will be my first engine build. 
Drivetrain Tech / I can use some help with winter axle build.
I picked up an TC rear six mouths ago stripped it down to just the housing. The plan is to put new seals and bearings, 3.73 gears, (95) mustang 31 spline axles, new posi-trac carrier, (95) mustang front and rear brake kit. But the question I needed answered is will sn95 brake components bolt up to TC backet?
Drivetrain Tech / Rebuilding TC 8.8 for my 88 sport
I just drove 183 miles for this, I hope most of this is surface rust.  Time to put a parts list together any suggestions on brakes? I planning a five lug conversion I would like to keep TC brake components if possible.  But not sure about parts availablity in the future......
Drivetrain Tech / Preping for trick flow bolt on.
I first want to start by saying, this is a awesome site!  So much info its great!

Now I'm posting because I'm ready to put more ponys under my hood.  I was out muscled by a
2015 chevy Malibu.  Really! But at 155hp what do you expect. Lol anyway I plan to get a trick flow
Bolt on that claims 350hp but first I want to upgrade my differential to a 8.8 positraction or more specifically Torsten diff with a 31 spine axle and 5lug conversion (front and rear) will a 8.8 rear fit directly on my 88 sport if ordered from rock auto?  Will I have to change axle housing? Is my 88 sport 8.8 posi anyway? Or is it just the TC