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Strut removal question

I'm trying to remove the old front struts in my stock '84 Thunderbird.  I've removed the nut on top of the strut as well as both spindle bolts but the first strut I'm trying remove seems to be held up by the bushing assembly on top of the strut tower.  Do I need to remove this bushing assembly to be able to remove the strut?  I thought the bushing would loosen up after removing the nut on top of the strut but that's definitely not the case.  Any advice on how to proceed?

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Should just come out.  Be careful that coil spring can kill you, for real.


Re: Strut removal question

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Those bushings are hesitant to give up the ghost. Would highly recommend putting one bolt back in the knuckle before giving the strut shaft a good whack from up top. Personally, I'd remove the bushing assembly as well as one big unit, but you're already this far, would suck to have to go backwards to move forwards...
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Re: Strut removal question

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Put a jack under the control arm..let things down a bit, and to help keep tension on the spring. Also, double check the springs....they tend to break. If so, no worries. SN95 Mustang springs are pretty much an equal replacement.

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