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User Rides / Re: 84 Tbird project
Last post by Beau -
Nice work!

Yes, covid really can fuck up one's plans. Kept me from getting a job, but the upside of that is because of the one missed shot at the one place, it put me in a position where I ended up doing something that I really like and pay about .40 more per hour.

I'm still looking for a new (to me) Fox Bird or Mark VII to be a fun car, occasional romp to work in project.

It's out there, just gotta find "the one"..
Other Vehicles / Re: Added another Fox to the fleet - 1985 Marquis LTS
Last post by Chuck W -
That is a cool find!
looking forward to the updates.

What are your plans after running/cleaned up?
Not quite sure yet. Going to kind of see where things stand and then go from there. It has roughly 100K miles on it (150K km), but it's been dormant for a while.

Nice score!  That has the CFI setup, what can be done for parts on that if you are going to keep it original?

Yeah, CFI, which isn't really all that complicated. Worst case, it'll get a SEFI set-up on it. The emissions nonsense is the worst part of it all, really.

As far as keeping it "original", that's not really my thing. It'll get cared for and improved, but I don't do concourse builds.
That was my only hesitation with buying it. However, if someone wants to restore it...they'll need to show up with a nice "standard" LTD/Marquis (And let me keep my "non-original" stuff) to take it off my hands. Other than that we'll do what we want with it. :)
User Rides / Re: 84 Tbird project
Last post by 5.0 tbird -
Still have the TRX wheels? I'd be interested in them for my bird

I sold them to a member on foureyedpride.

New wheel pictures?

I'll have pics of the new wheels soon. I just got a set of new tires for them, but I gotta get them mounted and balanced then I'll put them on the Thunderbird. I just got over covid so everything got put on the back burner.
Other Vehicles / Added another Fox to the fleet - 1985 Marquis LTS
Last post by Chuck W -
So, this wasn't the original plan. The past few months, my wife and I discussed picking up another vehicle (which would stay automatic). Being the weirdos that we are, we narrowed down to an 83-86 LTD or Marquis wagon, and then eventually opened it up to an option for a sedan.

Had been casually scanning for something for the past couple of months. No rush to get anything. Even inquired with the owner of a Marquis wagon that was in the neighborhood. Figured something would pop up.

Then a couple weeks ago, an ad on FB appeared for an '85 Marquis LTS with an LTD LX parts car in western PA. Both were kind of rough, but there was plenty of bonus stuff included.  With no way to get 2 vehicles moved, I kind of sat on it for a week or so. Then after someone asked the seller about just purchasing the parts car, I went ahead and messaged them about the LTS.

For those that don't know, the '85 Marquis LTS is the one-year, Canadian-only, Mercury equivalent of the LTD LX, which was the "hot rod" of the Fox LTD line-up. They made 135 LTS's, total.

After a phone convo with the seller about it, he basically said he didn't want to bother with the guy interested in the parts car, and if I were to buy the LTS, he said I could take whatever I wanted off of the LX. He then sweetened the deal with offering to bring the car to me.
So, on a Sunday morning, I hopped in the car for the 5-ish hour drive to check things out and to hopefully make a deal.

Got there, looked things over, made a deal and got to stripping off the parts I wanted from the parts car. I was on limited time and wasn't *really* concerned with drivetrain/suspension stuff, as it's a Fox-chassised car after all. But I did grab some specific items, like 4 better doors, and hood, along with some LX-specific items (console, cluster).

Also included in the deal were a bunch of LTS-specific NOS parts.

We got everything organized, I loaded the NOS stuff into my car and drove home.
The next day, he shows up with the car and all of the other parts and we get it all unloaded.

In addition to the above stuff, the car also came with a set of Bullitt wheels, a half-installed 5-lug swap (94-95 spindles and 99+ 11" brakes up front), axles and drums for the rear 5-lug. New front suspension components, new fuel pumps and a new windshield. The car was FULL of parts when it arrived. As was the back of his truck.
Now, for those that care. I paid $2,, to my door, for all of this.

Now it's sat languishing for at least a decade prior to the previous owner getting it, and looks "battle hardened", but underneath, the only bad rust spot is right at the front of the passenger floor board. The rest is solid. I have it running, but need to run through tune-up stuff, etc.

Primary goal right now is to get it running and driving and doing some clean-up and minor cosmetic stuff.

Engine Tech / Re: 3.8L Mechanical Fuel Pump interchangeability ?
Last post by JeremyB -
As best I can tell, to carburate a 99+ 3.8, you need an electric pump for fuel,  an intake, and a distributor. The balance shafts are red herrings.

You can get an intake from SuperSixMotorsports or Tom Morana.

The 99+ 3.8s don't have a distributor, but still use a cam position sensor that uses the same spot as the distributor in older motors that sits in the timing cover.

The timing cover gasket interchanges between '94-'04, so I'd guess the interface between the timing cover and cam stayed the same. You may be able to use a carb'd distributor. You'd have to get your hands on a '99+ camshaft synchronizer to confirm the dimensions.

SuperSixMotorsports and Tom Morana both have EFI-to-Carb kits for the 3.8. I'd just ask them what the deal is and if you could use your own distributor if theirs is too expensive for your blood.

User Rides / Re: The Cougar Helps with The Chip shortage
Last post by Muttwood -
Just got word today from the Ford dealer,

Good news,
My 2021 F150 order is now a 2022 order at the same price.

Bad news,
New deliver expected February 2022 for a truck I ordered February 23rd, 2021  :dunno:

Oh well, more room for the Kitties to play !