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Re: 1983 Ford Thunderbird Heritage

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Since i have to swap out my belt tensioner for a later one to replace it, as the older style one is not available anywhere, i decided to take it all apart in preparation and do a few other things while im in there.
Almost got stopped dead right at the beginning since you have to take off the smog pump pulley to reach the top long bolt for it but for some weird reason i threw a 5 1/2" 2 jaw puller in my trunk like 2 weeks ago and i needed it for this since it was stuck on there.
Taking out the alternator/smog pump bracket was alot more involved than i thought it would be, Everything has to be off to take it out. If i wasnt halfway there already i probably wouldve let it ride.

Yanked out the fuel pump and compared it to its replacement.

Grimey. I tried to clean it some but i aint a detailer i dont got the patience for that like some people have.

Seems this parts store no name fuel pump was cracked on top. No clue why or how that would happen.
Thankfully its replacement is a nos factory rebuilt one with nos gasket.

Didnt have the right socket set to fit the crankshaft bolt and light up the timing marks to install it so itll have to wait till next time.
So since i had a straight shot to the one sparkplug behind the smog pump, a flexible stubby ratchet and a 5/8 sparkplug socket i figured why not and i grabbed my new wires and plugs and threw those on while i was there.
Despite being replaced before, since they were autolites and not motorcrafts and were obviously installed with no intention of ever being replaced again if torque was any indication, the rear passenger one was broken and had a worn electrode but the rest other than some oil on the threads looked basically new. Oh well, peace of mind regarding that now.
Kinda wish i waited now to do the plugs and wires from the top with everything out of the way since the valve covers could use a redo on the gaskets they are leaking in a few spots.
I have steel ones and gaskets(both cork and rubber ones)laying in a box somewhere but i might just pop off the plastic ones and do the rtv gaskets like the book says. Ill see where life takes me when that time comes.
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1983 Ford Thunderbird Heritage
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Re: 1983 Ford Thunderbird Heritage

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Last sunday i went back and grabbed the sockets i needed for the crank bolt to tdc it and finally put the fuel pump in.

Test ran the car before putting all the tensioner bracket stuff back in to see how it runs with the new pump now and its noticably much better, starts right up after a single pump when cold and restarts no problem without pumping the pedal now.
Feels good when replacement of a part had a noticable effect on something.
Today i took off work to put the car back together with the later more common belt tensioner pulley, which doesnt sound like much but required pulling the all the stuff on the passenger side out and replacing the alternator bracket with an 84+ one and the tensioner bracket for the common one.

Note the flat area for the tensioner bracket to mount to compared to the staggered earlier tensioner bracket, the later common one also has two m12 1.75 bolts holding it on to the alternator bracket instead of the earlier one having one m12 1.75 top bolt and lower is m10 1.50. I had to run to the store to pick up one since the bracket i bought only came with the smog and alternator bolts.
The smog pump had a spacer on it when on the older alternator bracket but the later one had no room for it, the bolt on the later one had a shoulder on it and i dont know if a washer goes back there on this later one but it didnt have it, and it fit when tightened and the pulleys still all lined up.

That was the only one the store had in that size so i had to make do, if i grabbed it from a junkyard i wouldve grabbed all the bolts with it but i didnt so it is what it is its not in the way of anything and thats what washers are for. Only the top bolt hole allowed me to do this the lower one bottoms out in the bracket.
I picked up those m8 bolts because the top of the tensioner had a hole there for one but i couldnt remember if something went there or not. On the earlier one it did.

"Beating the hell out of other peoples cars since 1999"
1983 Ford Thunderbird Heritage
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