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1987 xr7

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Andrew Whiteman is bringing his 1987 XR7 to Dearborn.

50th Mercury Cougar anniversary Ford World Headquarters CATS & CCOA

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I was just reading my July issue of HEMMINGS MUSCLE MACHINES and there is a story in there about COUGAR 1. The very first Cougar was delivered to a dealer in New Brunswick Canada as a sales tool and was supposed to be returned to Lincoln-Mercury after it was done being shown around trying to drum up sales. The dealer ended up leasing the car out for 3 years and when it was returned, the dealer wouldn't return it to L-M. The dealer couldn't sell it because a Certificate of Origin was not issued to the dealer by L-M because it was never intended to be sold to the general public. This dragged on for years (over 10), the dealer filed bankruptcy and the courts decided that L-M needed to issue a Certificate of Origin so the car could be titled and this was based on the fact that so much time had passed that if L-M was serious about getting the car back, they would of done so much sooner.
Anyway the car changed hands a few times and finally ended up in Washington State with a Cougar aficionado who did a concurs restoration.
Car was equipped with a 390 and a C-6 tranny, red in color.
Pretty cool to see vin # 1on the tag.
1988 T/C body with a 5.0 transplant. Motor has a Vortech V-2 supercharger, Edlebrock Performer RPM II intake, heads, FRPP F-303 cam, Comp Cams roller rockers, Power Pipe, LMAF, full Mac exhaust, lowered, Koni's, 5 lug conversion, Cobra wheels, 13" Cobra brakes, etc.
SOLD September 2020. Will miss this car after 19 years of building/driving/showing it off. Time for a new chapter in my life.
Dynoed 446 horse/409 torque at the wheels.
2003 Tenth Anniversary Cobra Convertible. 1 of 369 Torch Red made.
2021 Chevrolet 3500 dually, crew cab Duramax.

50th anniversary at Ford WHQ

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First and foremost thank you for attending the 50th Cougar anniversary in Dearborn at Ford WHQ. Without the Cougar owners taking the time and expense to attend the show. It wouldn’t have been the big success that it was. Now that the dust has settled here are the statistics for the 50th.  On the Saturday cruise to Roush museum and Northville. We had 102 Cougars traveling down the road together on the cruise. The most Cougars to ever cruise together. The show on Sunday at Ford WHQ had 205 Cougars attending! 270 guests attended the dinner at Greenfield village on Saturday evening. Total registration which include the people flying in and others attending without a Cougar but registered totaled 247.  We had a record gathering of 10 Boss 302 Eliminators. We had 9 Cougars at the race track on Monday with 4 Cougars racing. A big thanks to all the volunteers and non-volunteers that stepped in and helped as needed to make the 50th weekend events run smoothly. Our advance planning and mother nature helping out with some great weather made for a historical fun filled event. We had some really great Cougars attending and great Cougar people that made this event spectacular.

Event T-shirts  We knew that our upfront t-shirt order was going to fall short. We had to limit the amount we spent on shirts so we wouldn’t have to cut from some other areas for the 50th weekend events. We are making a post-show run of the event T-shirts
which you can pre-order on our web site:  We will leave it open for pre-orders for 2-3 weeks then it will take another 2 weeks to receive the t-shirts. Once the shirts are received they will be shipped out to you. 

We had a few people that pre-ordered shirts from before that didn’t receive them at the show as we ran out of sizes due to me miss reading an e-mail. We will be filling those orders as well from this next batch of shirts.   

The partint choice voting results are posted on the web site: If you placed in you class and we don’t have a picture of your Cougar. Send one to Scott Zeller at: If you placed in you class and left the show before the awards ceremony. Contact me and I’ll get your 50th anniversary metal sent to you.

The CATS club thanks our host hotel Hilton Double Tree in Dearborn. They were outstanding in helping us and meeting all our needs for the weekend events. If you enjoyed your stay at the host hotel. They ask that you give them a review on yelp. Make sure you direct it toward Hilton Double tree in Dearborn.

I would like to thanks our BoD and core planning committee. Mike Keast, Mark Kulwik, Ray Bischoff, Scott Zeller, Gary Hill, John & Dee Baumann and their daughter Mandi. The CATS Club would like to thanks the CCOA for all their help in planning and executing this event. Now on to Cypress 50th anniversary event. The CATS club hope the rest of the 50th events are a big success like  the 50th in Dearborn.  Keep the Cougars on the prowl!

Best regards,
                            Brian Carpenter, President CATS Classic Cougar club

50th Mercury Cougar anniversary Ford World Headquarters CATS & CCOA

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Greatly enjoyed the show, Brian. Fantastic job from CATS and the CCOA. I didn't get much of a chance to talk to many of you, unfortunately, but two days just aren't enough!

50th Mercury Cougar anniversary Ford World Headquarters CATS & CCOA

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I really enjoyed the show as well. I took my boys there in my Turbo Coupe and it was neat to finally be at a show that had many cars like what I've owned. I'm still partial to the foxes and especially the 4-eyes, but there are days I miss my 89 XR7. That day was one of them.