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Arriving late to FWD cars...

Maybe you wont believe but it still have all my old vehicles, even the Cougar , in non-running condition.

Still have the ford explorer 96, but i dont drive that truck anymore. Developed a front seal transmission leak and became a money pit, so when i need to drive this, i pour half quart of Mercon Oil, and call it a day.

Still have the old F150 01 , V6. Since its a single cab truck its useful to carry the junk produced for the previous cars.

Bought a chinesse 250 cc bike. Makes sense living in a place where year round we are averaging 85 F. Got 75 MPG.

But since i had 2 previous accidents with the bike (all my fault, nothing very severe) i though of having a car. Wife had a 2010 ford focus with the auto transmission, the same US model, so she gave it to me.

Car is has very decent MPG (low 30´s) but thats all. In the highway it grows and runs well but i have the distinct feeling of something assembled at gunpoint,  hard plastic its everywhere, too much weight in the front. Otherwise traction is fine.

I know this was an entry-level, cheap ford vehicle, but i am reluctant to understand how bland Ford cars become with the time. Torque is not existent at any rpm under 3500, and thats the way the car it is.

I guess tighter smog restrictions made the cars more efficient, more eco-friendly, and very, very boring.

End Rant/
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Re: Arriving late to FWD cars...

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I've got a 2010 Mercury Milan (basically a fully loaded Fusion, with LED taillights LOL) and thing is a peppy little shit.
My first front drive Ford since I had my Escort GT....25 years ago. It was an '86, so wasn't very fast, and by today' standards not really all that fuel efficient either.

I actually took a little rip in both a Focus ST and a 2014 Ecoboost 2.3 Mustang the day I bought the Milan. The seller let me have at them both, hard to believe a 140 cubic inch 4 banger would absolutely smoke the 5.0 V8 that we all know and love from the late 80's...and then today he sent me a text (we became friends over cars) that he just bought a GT500 and is flying out this evening to pick it up. He already has a GT350 AND a 780-some horse drag Stang.

He's also putting a Coyote into a '69 Mach 1.

Anywho...some of the lower end Ford FWD stuff is indeed bland, slow and not inspiring. The faster stuff, the ecoboosted cars, etc are kinds spirited though. Ask any guy who has a Taurus SHO...they're fun...until the water pump goes, that is....
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