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T-Bird/Cougar Parts & Cars FOR SALE / LA2 and LA3 PCM's
Long time no post. needless to say I still have my 88 TC but the factory PCM's are of zero use to me now.

I have a 87 LA2 and 88 LA3 both for sale...

figured I'd post them up here first before attempting to sell on ebay. Shipping will be out of Chilliwack, BC which is in Western Canada.

LA2 $100 USD + shipping
LA3 $100 USD + shipping.

Pictures will be added later this week as parts/car is in storage currently.

T-Bird/Cougar Parts & Cars FOR SALE / T3/T4 Turbonetics Turbo
Selling my T3/T4 Turbonetics Turbo that has 6631KM's on it, to the tee.

I think its a 63.A/R T3 Exhaust housing turbo efficient to about 400 poonies or so.
TO4E Intake Housing which would make it a 3" inlet, 2.5 outlet on the exhaust side.

Turbo is absolutely MINT, selling because the engine is yanked and im upgrading to a full T4 set-up. This isn't a journal bearing turbo it's a ball bearing design, which provides for quicker spool and in turn less lag time.

Willing to let it go for $850.00US OBO + shipping.
T-Bird/Cougar Parts & Cars FOR SALE / Turbo Stuff PERFORMANCE and Stock
Rods Stainless Stock Mount Header with EGR + Ceramic Coating.

Lower Intake Ported + Polished.
$100.00 + Shipping

Stock Gauge Cluster from 87TC in good working order
$20.00 + Shipping

Inner Housings no cracks
$20.00 for both + Shipping

OEM License Frame

Stock IHI Turbo Aprox 150,000Miles
$60.00 + Shipping

Shipping will be from Blaine, WA or Surrey, Canada which ever makes it easier for ya. All pictures are here

I might also be selling an AEM wideband set-up that's brand new, never been installed. If anyone is interested let me know. Thanks.
Electrical Tech / Alpine Deck
Bought a Ford wiring harness, wired it all up for my Alpine Deck, plugged it in everything works lights up plays cd's blah blah blah. But there is no sound coming out of any of the speakers. What do i do with the stock equalizer that's there, i tried it unplugged and plugged in, it appears that absolutely no power is going to the equalizer so i am asumming it is not part of the equation.

Any ideas as to whats going on here?
Engine Tech / PCV where does it go
Putting my new set-up together. Forgot where on the hell the PCV end screws into.

And im kind of confused as to which vacuum lines do what. I have no boost controller at the moment, i will be purchasing a Ric Gillis manual set-up soon enough. Is my wastegate line plugged into the right spot on the turbo, i believe it is.

Anyways i just need to clarification on things. Thanks
T-Bird/Cougar Parts & Cars FOR SALE / Stock Turbo Parts
Stock e6 manifold, no cracks. $40.00 + shipping

Misc oil return line, and feed line, coolant lines ext. $5.00 ea.

If you want pictures let me know. can ship parts from either WA for you down south or from BC for the northerners.
Engine Tech / 2.3L Engine Build Up
Over this winter/spring I am building my 2.3L from bottom to top. A lot of time and money is going to be invested into this project and I am creating this thread to post updates and ask questions related to the motor and drive train.
Goal is to reach 700whp on race gas with MicroTech tune.
and have a respectable 400-500 for the street as a daily driver.
This project may even end up going through the majority of the summer depending on funds and determination.

First question. Is the stock Crank going to be good for 700+ HP?
Should i go .020 over or .030 over?
what kind of compression should i aim to run if i am running around atleast 30PSI, 8:1?
What kind of Rods should i go with?

Any answers or suggestions are appreciated.
User Rides / Winter Pictures
Winter is just around the corner, I thought id share some pictures that I took last year of the bird in the Snow and ice. I think there kind of cool. Anyways Enjoy!

feel free to post up some pictures of your winter Birds, or Cougars!
User Rides / New DD $1200
Needed a car to get around in now that the tbird is in parts. Found this little gem on CL and it was a steal. 1994 2.3L 4 speed manual with overdrive with 330,000KM's on it which is about 186,000 miles.

Car has absoultly zero rust. They original owner owned it until 2006 and he put all highway miles on it, drove about 40miles roundtrip everyday to and from work. The second owner only owned it for 2 years, he managed a oil change place, changed all the fluids with synthetics, diff, tranny, and engine recently.

Anyways here are some pictures.
Lounge / YouTube
Is it just me or has anyone else noticed the massive amount of footage recently pulled off youtube. Music videos, or anything on or related to a tv show. Just wondering.
At The Track / Auto X day
On August 3rd one of the local college sports car clubs was holding an auto X event, they actually hold a bunch of them. Anyways my father and I went down there, payed for a membership and got 8 runs in.

It was a fairly complicated course, started off with a slalom then a couple of boxs a 180 deg turn threw a chicane, back around another 180 deg turn threw the chicane again, threw the first 180 deg turn again then threw 3 boxs that where spread a part laterally. which required you to have the car at the right angle entering the boxs. then a braking box and that was it.

Second run was a DNF, course was confusing, got lost in the bunch of cones. But once I got it down I was absolutely hauling ass.

Times by Class:
(Ii was only F-stock car)

Fastest Times:
(finished fairly low in the pack 46th out of 58, but surprised the hell out of some import guys with my times considering it was such a big car for that type of track)

Index Time:
( My index time was fairly impressive, finsihed 33rd out of 58)

Got a compliment from a couple of the instructors there on how tight my slalom was. Unfortunately i didn't bring a camera. But I found a photo off the ubc website that had my car in it. lol