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Water in the trunk

I read a little about the water issues in the trunk of the tbirds and ours always had the issue.

My 86 started having the issue as well, so I popped the lid and noticed a large amount of rust on the passenger side weld seam in the gutter.   

I covered it in a lot of JB weld since I was unable to find a welder, and I'm still having some leakage.    Does anyone else have an idea what is to be done?

I'm really starting to think I'm going to have to crawl into the trunk with a flashlight and go from there.

Water in the trunk

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her is a  link and also a couple pics

along the left and right in the pictures shown, there will be an unintended path for water to get into the trunk.

yes, get inside the trunk and look for corrosion


Water in the trunk

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My 86 has a bit of rust under the trim on the back windshield