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87 Cougar Floors---Mustang?

I live in Ontario and i have almost no floors and my fenders front and rear are rotting out

the question, will a fox body mustang floor pans fit in our cats and birds?

unless anyone knows a supplier for body panels for our cars because i cant find any


87 Cougar Floors---Mustang?

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mustang floor pans are different. we have a longer wheelbase. the front foot wells may be similar, but even the seat mounts are different.

if you have the dime to ship acrossed borders, I seem to be pretty good at finding rust free parts out my way.

take some pictures so we know what your getting into.

have you read damiacs redirection thread? its a sticky with tons of pictures. he basically rebuilt an entire 87 cougar due to rust.
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I honestly dont think you could exceed the cost of a new car buy installing new *stock* parts everywhere in your coug our tbird. Its just plain impossible. You could revamp the entire drivetrain/engine/suspenstion and still come out ahead.
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