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Timing Cover Locating Dowels

I've cleaned up my timing chain cover and installed a new crank seal in it and I'm getting ready to put it back on the engine.  My engine (1984 CFI 302) has the two locating dowels.  The driver side dowel is still attached to the block.  The passenger side dowel came out with the timing chain cover.  I was able to recover the passenger side dowel but my question is should I replace it with a new one?  Should I remove and replace the driver side dowel too?  If so, is there a proper way to install new locating dowels?  I've read they aren't necessary but are beneficial in properly locating the timing chain cover when you reinstall it.  Since this is my first time performing this repair I'll take advantage of anything that will make it go more smoothly and prevent any leaks.  Thanks in advance.

Re: Timing Cover Locating Dowels

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If you can get to it, I'd stick it back in the block. Give it a couple of gentle taps with a hammer and a block of wood. Be gentle, don't want to bend it.

I don't remember if they're the same size/dia as the ones for the heads...if so, you can get new ones at probably any fair sized auto parts store.
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