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2.3 and T5 out of 93 Mustang

Great driving engine and trans that was pulled out of my 93 Mustang thats up for sale. Car has 108K miles on it. Engine always ran cool, carried great oil pressure, never any noises or leaks and always fired on first touch of the key, had oil changes using Ford filter every 3K for as long as I've owned it, clean engine.  The 5 speed shifted like butter, drove perfectly and has no issues whatsoever with it, never been messed with or rebuilt, no leaks on it either.

The engine has all front accessories, hoses, serp belts, wiring harness, starter motor, and exhaust manifold on it. Everything was carefully disconnected the right way and nothing was cut or damaged. Completely stock. First $280 picked up at my home near Gainesville, FL gets it.

There is a local guy interested in buying the mass air harness and ECU so if he comes thru that will be sold, if he doesnt it'll be available too for $80. This I would be fine with boxing up and shipping out to a buyer.

The T5 transmission is $250.  I have the bellhousing, clutch cable, clutch fork, throw out bearing and clutch assembly, and the flywheel along all related fasteners and hardware for sale for $100.  Again, local pickup only near Gainesville, FL.

Any tech/condition questions, post up here. For inquiries to buy, PM me. Thanks.