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Wanted: 1971 Ford F150 SWB Pickup - Would Prefer a Roller

I am looking at selling my 1993 Mustang Coupe and getting a 1971 Ford F150 SWB pickup that I can rebuild.  My biggest concern is the body and trim items as this will be a resto mod so the driver train, suspension, electrical, etc will be scrapped.  With that being said I only need a roller but if it is a complete truck I would consider for the right price.  So this is more of "help me locate" kind of post than anything else as our forum is definitely devoted to a totally different kind of beast.  My plans are a street truck with a 2013 F-150 drive train (5.0 Coyote and 6 speed auto) so I can properly haul my Bird when I want to.  Anyhow, any help locating one would be appreciated as I have been looking online but the ones I am finding are either long beds (LWB), rusted out, or have been built to someone else's taste.



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