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Lounge / Re: New career direction.
Haven't acquired Cobra IRS yet, or Large Rear Drive Unit.

The pace is intense, These places never stop, and since nobody is flat rate, I've seen techs flat-out swarm a car and clear it so fast you're just left blinking.  The tech is a learning curve, that's for sure.  I'm headed out to Toledo tonight for 3 days of training in Contactors and Discharge.  High Voltage training ALSO never ends.  Better safe than sorry, I suppose.
Lounge / Re: New career direction.
I'm midway through week 2 of training, and the hype is fucking REAL.  I have GOT to find a way to fit a P series drive unit in a Cobra IRS.  I'm not even joking.  I've driven fast cars, and my shit ain't bad either, but seriously.

Lounge / Re: New career direction.
Congratulations on the new job and career path.

Personally, I'm not a huge fan of Tesla and a lot of their practices. Hopefully they treat you well enough to change my feelings on the company as a whole.

Do they offer any benefits or retirement or anything like that?
Yes. The package is quite good, 401k, vested equity, stock discounts, and extremely generous insurance contribution. I don't believe I'm permitted to discuss the details in an open forum, but that's the highlights minus detail.
Lounge / New career direction.
Ditching the automotive aftermarket world to return to the OE environment.  I've had it with Napa ("parts are like a box of chocolates"), I've had it with oil changes (I mean ASE MASTER L1 L3, FFS), I've had it.  I can't even anymore.
Tesla up and scooped me out of my misery. 

  • No oil changes
  • No flat rate
  • No Russian parts Roulette
  • Electric cars aren't coated in grease and oil

Everybody pray I don't melt my arm off on an orange cable while I'm flying free.

Suspension/Steering / Re: Problems with Cobra brake swap
So what I think I'm reading here is technically what I have should work, but not be ideal. I think I've just gotten multiple bad masters in a row. Now reading off of what you are saying I'm thinking I should use a 93 master/booster due to ease. I have ordered them and I'm going to see what happens. I don't really know what else to do.
Absolutely yes on the 93 COBRA (very important) master; and the matching booster is IDEAL, but the SN95 V6 booster is functionally identical, only needing 1 hole elongated in the firewall.  93 Cobra boosters are understandably difficult to get a hold of, while SN95 V6 boosters practically litter the streets.  I'll let you make the call.

Protip: (I'm literally an ASE Master)
Don't pump the brakes when you bleed them.  Doing this beats up the air bubbles in the system and makes them into foam, and foam takes a lot longer to bleed completely out.
First take off the master cap, open the bleeder and leave it alone til the bleeder is dripping. Gravity is your friend. Close the bleeder. Then:
1. open the bleeder, push the pedal down
2. push the pedal down, open the bleeder
You'll be done faster, with less wasted fluid, and a better result. 
You can pump gas, you can pump iron, you can even pump up the jam; but don't pump the brake pedal when you're bleeding brakes.
Lounge / Re: covid in my household..
Exactly. It's like the chickenpox vaccine. Why does anybody need a chickenpox vaccine?  When I was a kid, getting chickenpox made you the most popular kid on the block; all the kids came over to play, because their parents wanted their kids to get it, get over it, and end up immune.
Lounge / Re: covid in my household..
It should take YEARS to run trials and get approval for ANY vaccine, so this 9 month process? Nah. 
I've seen this movie; it's how the zombie apocalypse always starts.
Engine Tech / Re: My TC is missing & bucks while accelerating when cold. Works perfect when hot
Now there's something. 
Open circuit, the reading of Ford thermistor sensors is -40F.  At that temp, the EEC will practically be DUMPING fuel cold start enrichment trying to warm up.  On the other hand, a failed open ECT, usually doesn't change it mind, so either warming up improves it's ability to burn the extra fuel, or fueling isn't the issue.  Fueling related concerns are usually smoke, or lack of power depending which side of stoich you're stuck on. 
EGR is inert, so a leaking EGR valve causes all sorts of misery, but not usually harsh misfire, because fueling issue.   Harsh misfire is usually the domain of the ignition system.  By the sound of things, though, you've got most of that covered.  As most of us know, TFI issues get worse with heat, not better, so probably not TFI.  The PiP in the distributor could do it, but that's not really an everyday kind of failure.
how's the gap and heat range on those plugs? 
Mods? specifically boost mods?
Can your coil jump a 15kV (25kV with big boost) or larger gap on a spark tester?
Fuel quality? Octane?
How's the weather where you are?
What brand of parts did you use in your Ignition System?
Cam timing?
Hydrocarbon leakage from chamber to Cooling system (AKA failed headgasket)?
Lounge / Re: covid in my household..
We had it in my house 2 months ago.  We'd been taking zinc and D supplements since the link between complications and D deficiency was first identified.  Wife and I had sore throat for 2 weeks, she had the characteristic fever, but I never did (probably because I take so much Tylenol and Motrin), I also experienced the feeling that I was lacking strength vs usual.  The kids had runny noses for like 2 days, and the older one was cuddly during.   For us, COVID was a punk.  Hype.  Here's hoping it goes as well for you and yours.
Lounge / Re: Who has guns?
Si vis pacem, para bellum.

I'm loving my decision to get into reloading.  Cheap 9mm FMJ is going for .90/per when you can find it, but since I'm pre-supplied on small pistol and small rifle primers, I'm loading 9mm for .15/per, and likewise 300BLK $2/per, but I'm making it for about .50/per.  I'd like better selection of .355 and .308 bullets, but I'm not going without.
Glad I already had primers though, they're practically unobtanium now.