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Front 5 lug disk question

The person that used to sell direct replacement 5 lug front disks doesn't seem to sell them anymore.  I tried the SN95 conversion, but the rims I want wouldn't fit.

Will this disk work for a V8 1987 Cougar XR7 or can you suggest a better route?

I want to change as little hardware as possible and still be able to use old school chrome rims.  I'm currently using 15x7 Chrome blade rims.  Mine are Cragar, but they don't sell them anymore.

Re: Front 5 lug disk question

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That link from LMR is for 11" front rotors, you have 10".

Complete Brake Service from Columbus, OH seems to have a new website:

You may need to call and confirm that they still carry the 10" 5-lug Fox rotors.

The only other solutions I've seen to get 5-lug is to shave down a Ranger rotor (10.25") or try a Mazda MPV front rotor.

Re: Front 5 lug disk question

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Thanks for the quick response.  I appreciate the info.


Re: Front 5 lug disk question

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83-88 Ranger front rotors are available at almost any parts store and if not they can get them in a day or two.

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