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User Rides / Re: 1983 Ford Thunderbird Heritage

Wanted to edit this since i must be the last person on earth that didnt know and just found out they literally make plug and play goes right into your old headlight socket no cut power to the battery hi/lo relay harnesses for four headlight cars with high temp ceramic plugs so im just going to buy one of those and put that in.
If it comes out nice i get a set for my mustang as well.

I used one of those on sons Crown Vic.  Worked really well.  When on high beam all 4 lights were 100 watts.  Really lit up well.
Body/Appearance/Interior / Re: LED 9004 bulbs
I tried to put in my h4 conversion this weekend and the low beams dimmed significantly when the high beams were used, which also set off the "low beam out" warning light on the dash.
I think i have other issues impeding this on my end.
I took it all back out and put the halogens back in, ill figure that stuff out in the diagrams later when i have time.

My sons 87 Crown Vic.  Put in H1 and H4 glass housings with higher wattage bulbs and a ebay H4 wiring harness.  Works amazing.  Had to move a couple wires in the wiring plug, but no big deal.
Body/Appearance/Interior / Re: LED 9004 bulbs
The way the cars are built, the voltage to the headlights pass thru the headlight switch and aged old wiring.  People run new wiring with relays.  This allows full battery voltage to headlights vs. the voltage drop with the stock setup.
Body/Appearance/Interior / LED 9004 bulbs
Anyone had any success with LED bulbs in the 9004 style?  There is so much junk out there.

I currently have good clear lens with Silverstars and a relay harness for full battery voltage.
Misc Tech / Re: Floor shift handle
Correct.  Push button all the way in and yank up.

button will fall out, along with a spring and the white lil ball.  I think once removed, try pushing down inside the handle to get into Drive.  Unsure, never tried it.