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Body/Appearance/Interior / Front fender arch insulation
Had to access the washer fluid tank on my '88 XR7, so out came the inner wheel well liner(if you have a better way to access the tank, I'm all ears, what a PITA).  As everyone knows, one little project uncovers 6 more.....when the liner came out, I discovered it had what appears to be bagged cellulose insulation on top......that the critters have destroyed/depleted in 32 years. 

Question is, are people remedying this by refilling and taping the bag up, or just letting it ride as is??

User Rides / The Distraction
My '88 finally arrived from New Hampshire, and the first thing I did was buff n wax to remove(or at least temporarily hide) 32 years of oxidation.  I proudly present, The Distraction, so named, because another friend says it will distract me from working on the '68 it sits beside in the shop!  :shrug:, I'm an equal opportunity slacker, so they'll both be begging for attention!  LOL.
Lounge / '97 Aero Cat
Super clean, low mileage '97......not mine, considering going to look at it, though.

Any of you guys know if you can make that 4.6 sound throaty in these things??  Wheel options?

My search for a decent '88 keeps stalling, and this one popped up.....hmmm.....??
LEADS on T-Bird/Cougar Stuff For Sale / Black '88 XR7 in Chicago
In case anybody had been following this one for however long it's been listed.......

I managed to get the owner and her son to take it to a mech, put on a lift, and shoot some belly photos......*Warning: The following link contains images the viewer may find disturbing.  Viewer discretion is advised.

I was hoping that maybe it would just be the sheet metal rust on the rockers/doors, but no.  Essentially, this is an engine, trans, and interior donor car, in my opinion.

And the search continues.......
T-Bird/Cougar Parts & Cars FOR SALE / 88 XR7 in Tulsa, OK area
Not mine, just went and looked at it.....

He definitely posted photos of its' best sides.  Drivers door/quarter have a healthy dent in them, hail damage all over, sun fade of paint and interior.  I wasn't looking for a project, so didn't bother listening to it run(didn't even tell/call them to say I was coming to look, it's parked by the road....:shrug:.....)  Supposed to "run great", and he's "put more money in parts in it than he should have".
Other Vehicles / New guy
New here, but not to Cougars!

Currently have a '68......looking to add an '88 XR7.......