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Floor Shifter

Hi All,

I'm excited to get back to working on my Cougar now that it's getting nice out! My motor is mostly built and now I'm dealing with the transmission part of the build. I have a low mile rebuilt AOD. I bought a higher stall torque converter for it and a Baumann shift kit. Recently I've been contemplating ditching the column shift admittedly partially because I'm dreading getting all the linkage back together. My other thought is to install an auto/manual valve body to give me the flexibility of manually shifting when I feel like it. Have any of you gone with a setup like this? If so, what shifter and valve body have you gone with? I'm contemplating the Silverfox SPTR valve body and a Hurst V-Matic 3 shifter. I don't mind spending the money for the right stuff, but it is a large purchase so I'd like to explore all my options.

Any thoughts are appreciated.

1988 Mercury Cougar LS
5.0HO + T5 Swap + Suspension/Brake Mods