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T-Bird/Cougar Parts & Cars FOR SALE / Free
HO upper intake with egr and throttlebody
3.73 7.5" ring and pinion ford oem
almost full interior and hvac from a cinnabar 88 cougar
new heater core and blower motor
replacement tail pipes for dual exhaust

Will Update as a find other stuff people might want

Pickup only located in Camdenton, MO
Suspension/Steering / sn95 spring swap question
Well I picked up a 90k mile 94 gt with a spun bearing for dirt cheap. Sadly the car is clean and I feel bad about what I'm doing to it, but I need the parts for I can finally put my bird back together. Now the question is what spacer do you recommend for the rear springs and do you guys think that camber bolts will get the camber good enough with sn95 springs. Also if you need sn95 body parts, cowl hood, long tubes or strut tower brace and are in Mid MO hit me up.
T-Bird/Cougar Parts & Cars WANTED / Re: Driver side manual seat track
I ended up piecing together a driver set and all in all it cost me about 300. Did pick up a set of doors and manual crank windows which were a lucky find. Now I'm just waiting to come across a T-5 that is reasonably priced. Completely gutted the car, gt brakes, 5 lug, tc front sway bar, mustang rear sway bar, carb swapped, quick ratio rack, 3g upgrade, MM steering rack bushings and steering shaft. I gotta start on the wiring for the lights and gauges. Really need to come across a T-5 swap parts and stop focusing on my other 3 project cars so much.