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Suspension/Steering / RLCA.
I’m wanting to purchase RLCA (adjustable) for my 85 Tbird. CHE are a little less cost. What are the difference between these and Maximum Motorsport design. ? Anyone here running these with good results?
T-Bird/Cougar Parts & Cars WANTED / 30th anniversary Tbird keys
I know this is a long shot. I’m trying to locate the original blank keys sold with the 1985 , 30th anniversary Tbirds. Not the actual ignition keys but the collectible blanks. I have the jacket but would like the keys to add to the collection. I’ve tried EBay and FB. No luck so far. Any leads would be appreciated.
T-Bird/Cougar Parts & Cars WANTED / Front tag mount
I’m looking for a factory style front tag mount for an 83-86 Tbird. Would like it to be in very good condition. Or if anyone has info of an aftermarket one that looks factory let me know
Thank you
Lounge / I may be returning sooner then I thought
Well I just sold my 87 Tbird a few weeks ago. While searching market place late a few nights ago( first mistake, lol) I stumbled across a 4 eye bird. (This one is kinda special....I will leave it at that for now)My first bird was a 4 eye and it was always the one I regretted selling. Anyway it’s a 3 owner, low mileage 85 with V8. I’m in talks with the guy now ( he’s elderly and doesn’t drive the car anymore) . I will update in a few weeks if all goes well with the deal.
Electrical Tech / No turn signals
Hey guys
 So I sold my Tbird to someone local and the turn signals are not working now. All other lights are working. I checked the fuse for him and no issues there. The brake lights and running lights operate as they should also. I replaced the ignition switch a few years ago with a MotorCraft unit. Any ideas? I tried the search function and it’s all over the place
Thanks in advance
Site Suggestions / Restoring pics in how to section
The information in the how to section is fantastic but the pics have been lost due to photo bucket. Can they be put back in as it would be a huge help when looking up info.
Body/Appearance/Interior / Headliner install?
I have a week off from work coming up so thought I would work on the bird some.
Any advice or tips on replacing the headliner in my 88? What should I look out for or is it pretty straight forward.
T-Bird/Cougar Parts & Cars FOR SALE / Digital cluster , lights and more
87-88 Tbird headlights- Daily driver quality. Clear & should shine polish nicely- 150$/shipped (U.S. only)
1 digital cluster-$95.00/shipped
1 digital cluster from lower mileage car(less than 80,000 miles I believe) 135$/shipped (U.S. only) S O L D
87-88 Tail lights- Good driver quality, No cracks- 175$/shipped (U.S, only)

HO camshaft (NEW in box... Elgin) + SD computer 135$/shipped (U.S only)

Console lid(Raven / blue color) -$50.00/shipped (U.S-only)

Stainless upper radiator cover
New never installed $35.00/shipped 

Will be adding parts as I have sold my Tbird
Misc Tech / Heater blower fan noise?
I’ve noticed when I switch my fan on it is noisy and sounds like something is in the fan. Have a feeling unwanted guests may have made a home. How do I clean the fan out or should I say how do I remove the fan/housing? Is there a link to an old post perhaps?
Lounge / Thumbs up
I’m liking the new banner... Cool
Vendor/Seller Feedback / A+ for 50Racer
I ordered a couple parts from Bryan (50Racer) and parts were great. I contacted him Friday morning and parts were at my house Monday. Packed very well. I’ve bought several parts from him in the past and have not been disappointed. Will hit him up for future parts
Electrical Tech / Full digital dash
Wasn’t sure where to post this so mods can move if needed.
 I have another gauge cluster on the way and was curious if mileage can be changed to reflect my current reading? I have changed mileage on the analog units before as they are pretty simple. Also before I install the new cluster will changing to 168 bulbs make it a little brighter? Seems I used 194 bulbs when I changed them in my current cluster.
Vendor/Seller Feedback / Huge thanks to Muttwood
Just want to acknowledge Randy(Muttwood on the forum). He set me up with some VERY nice door panels. He went above and beyond to get them to me and they were in MUCH nicer shape than he had even described. He kept me up to date through the shipping process and they were packed well enough to make the trip w/o damage. He is a straight up top notch guy. Wouldn’t hesitate to get parts from him again if needed.