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Misc Tech / wheel question
I have a set of '03 Mach1 wheels, and I would like to get the center caps off. Has anybody removed these before?, I would like to get them off without chipping or breaking them. They appear to just pop off, but would like to make sure first. Thanks, Herb :boobies:
Lounge / model cars...
here's some pics of some of my older models. (excuse the dust, been packed for awhile) This one is a viper powered Charger. :boobies:
Lounge / lost birdie
Found these pics on the net, wonder whatever became of this Thunderbird!!?? :dunno:
General Fox T-Bird/Cougar Discussion / Whew!!!
Well fired the kitty up today for the first time, started on the first try!!! Big releif after all the wiring I changed on this car, almost the entire harness has been changed. New engine, different wiring, mass air conversion and started right up, WOW am I happy. :boobies:  :boobies:
Lounge / custom 300
looks like Ford needs to jazz up the new 500, just a little. :boobies:
T-Bird/Cougar Parts & Cars FOR SALE / Assorted clusters
I have various instrument clusters for 85-88 Cougar/Tbirds for sale.
2 full digital for colum shift w/ indicater cables. $25 + shipping
2 base clusters for colum shift no cables. $15 + shipping
1 full digital for floor shift. $25 + shipping
all very good condition.  :boobies:  :boobies:
T-Bird/Cougar Parts & Cars WANTED / Seat belt hooks
Will trade a set of white face gauge overlays for a set of seat belt hooks for an 87-88 Cougar/Tbird. These are the hooks on the top of the seats held on by two screws, Prefer black or gray, but will take any color. Thanks, Herb :)
Lounge / Oooh Eric....
someone posted this on the old board...

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(10/21/04 12:29 pm)
Reply  1986 Mercury Cougar Convertible (Black)
 FOR SALE - 1986 Mercury Cougar Convertible (Black) New paint, transmission and tires. Great condition! Only 76 cars were customized with the convertible tops. 2 years away from being historical. $6,000. 740.522.9797 Located near Columbus, OH