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Electrical Tech / cluster question...
Does anyone know for sure if the printed circuit on the Sport clusters are different than on the TC clusters? Mainly '87-'88 Thanks.:bowdown:
Lounge / Please vote for my Tbird....
I'm up for "ride of the month" on Please take a look and vote for my Tbird. Thanks. :bowdown::bowdown:
Miscellaneous For Sale/Wanted / Resin SHO engine model....
Here is a real collectable, a handcrafted resin model of the famous Taurus SHO Yamaha built 24V Double overhead cam V6 engine. This replica is modeled after the preproduction cutaway motor that was in the Ford display when the SHO first came out. Awesome detail on this replica, parts do not move. You can see through the cutaway the path the incoming air takes into the cylinders, and the exhaust path both color coded. The crankshaft and pistons are also visible. The only problem with this item is the fan belt has come undone, easy fix for the right person. This is # 224 of only 300 made, these are no longer available new. Don't let this rare collectable get away.  $400 :D
T-Bird/Cougar Parts & Cars WANTED / corner lights ....
Looking for a set of outside corner lights for an '88 Tbird. Willing to trade a '86-'88 Tbird/Cougar floor shifter, also have a set of '86-'88 5.0 engine bracket these are hard to find. Thanks.:bowdown: