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T-Bird/Cougar Parts & Cars FOR SALE / Cleaning out the extra stuff.....
Set of 87-88 TC driving lights and brackets, no bulbs really nice condition. Comes with extra lens, brackets are excellent shape...... $50 obo + shipping.

Set of aftermarket foglights, very similar to OEM, complete kit.......$25 + shipping.

Keyless entry keypad w/ harness.......$40 + shipping. Thanks.
Engine Tech / Mass air computer...
So all you engine gurus, which mass air computer offers the best performance?

5.0 w/ GT40P heads and intake 24# inj. TFS stage 1 cam 75mm mass air meter and throttle body and an AOD w/2600 stall. Thanks.
Engine Tech / Speed density question...
Just gathering parts and was wondering if the TFS Stage  cam is SD friendly or would I need to go Mass air? Thanks.:D
Misc Tech / speed limiter....
On an '88 Sport is the fuel cutoff regulated by rpm's or indicated speed?:bowdown:
Lounge / ThunderbirdSport302
Don't really understand what your problem with me is. I send multiple pm's and no response. I post on your posts and get the runaround. I'm confused.:beatyoass:
I sent your parts in good faith and have received nothing in return.