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User Rides / Re: Starting fresh
What color are you going with for now? Another member on here used rattle can paint a few years back. I don’t remember who but after wet sanding , it actually turned out good.I think it was a anniversary Cougar but I could be wrong. Anyway can’t wait to see it in one color. Car has come a long way.
T-Bird/Cougar Parts & Cars WANTED / Re: Front tag mount
Just FYI...factory ones for our cars are metal. If you want to use a plastic one, a plate holder from a Tempo/Topaz can be modified to fit (trim off the bottom tabs on the back). The mounting holes can differ, I've found, but no big deal. I'm running a Tempo one on the convertible, it's a nice subtle upgrade IMO.

Thanks Eric
 Oddly enough I checked EBay for a Tempo front tag mount thinking it was a long shot. There were a couple on there NOS.  I was surprised. I ordered 1 for 14$/shipped and will try it but may get the metal 1 if the other member locates it also .

T-Bird/Cougar Parts & Cars WANTED / Front tag mount
I’m looking for a factory style front tag mount for an 83-86 Tbird. Would like it to be in very good condition. Or if anyone has info of an aftermarket one that looks factory let me know
Thank you
Lounge / Re: I may be returning sooner then I thought
What’s up guys. I do indeed have the car now. But the week it was delivered work took off and I have been working long hours. (Which is a good thing) I have not even driven the car yet but I have it registered and insured. It is a 30th Anniversary edition with low miles. I will try to get pictures soon.

Lounge / Re: I may be returning sooner then I thought
Small update.... Bird is in flight . It was picked up yesterday and should be delivered Monday. The driver had others to deliver/pick up on the way to me in NC.  Hopefully I can add pics next week when I find time .
T-Bird/Cougar Parts & Cars WANTED / Re: Lighted visor
Hey Tommy
 It seems someone on here used a certain year Explorer sun visor years ago? I recall it was a direct swap but I can’t remember what years Explorer. You may have better luck finding a set of those in grey. Just a thought/suggestion.
Lounge / I may be returning sooner then I thought
Well I just sold my 87 Tbird a few weeks ago. While searching market place late a few nights ago( first mistake, lol) I stumbled across a 4 eye bird. (This one is kinda special....I will leave it at that for now)My first bird was a 4 eye and it was always the one I regretted selling. Anyway it’s a 3 owner, low mileage 85 with V8. I’m in talks with the guy now ( he’s elderly and doesn’t drive the car anymore) . I will update in a few weeks if all goes well with the deal.