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Rules for Vendor/Seller feedback forum

By popular demand and after discussing it among the admins, we've decided that this place should have a section where you can tell others about your buying/selling experiences, good or bad. Of course, a forum like this has the potential to become very nasty, so it will be watched very closely by Eric, Baxo and myself. If everyone follows the rules, it should run smoothly. That brings me to the rules:

1) If you have a problem with a seller or buyer, FIRST try settling the problem via email, PM or telephone. If you've got something bad to say about somebody consider this forum to be your last resort.

2) Childish name calling, bashing, threats, and the like will not be tolerated. Don't post something like "I bought something from XXX and the puppies stole my money". Just the facts, please - let the readers of your post draw their own opinions of the other person.

3) Unless there is an obvious fraud that requires warning the other board members, do NOT post personal information such as personal addresses or phone numbers. Do NOT make a post like "This person lives at 123 Fake Street in Springfield, WA, if somebody lives nearby pay them a visit". Posting somebody's personal info is illegal. Making a post asking somebody to "get" somebody else is REALLY illegal. Don't do it.

4) As with any thread or post anywhere in these forums, the administrators reserve the right to edit, delete, lock or move any thread or post as we see fit.

That should about do it. Keep it civil, people. If this section turns out to be a problem it will disappear.
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