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Floor shift handle

88 XR7 floor shift has the dreaded “stuck in park” issue going on.  I assume it’s the white plastic beaded thing………question is, how do I disassemble the handle to get at it??


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Also, is there a “workaround “ to get it back in the garage???

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It’s been awhile but If I recall correctly, you can push the button all the way in while pulling up on the handle. It still may be difficult to remove but I “think “ that’s how they come off. At one time Ron Hartman had a few of those white pieces for sale. Not sure what they are called. Ron is on a lot of the Tbird FB pages. Good luck and let us know if this works.
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Correct.  Push button all the way in and yank up.

button will fall out, along with a spring and the white lil ball.  I think once removed, try pushing down inside the handle to get into Drive.  Unsure, never tried it.


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So just the T part of the handle comes off?

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Update!!!  SUCCESS!!!  I had my doubts, as the T-handle wasn’t budging, so I started bumping it with the palm of my hand……..SPROIIIIIIIIIIING!!!!!  Handle comes off, spring and button go flying, and I can see the offending slinky plastic ball chain!  Recovered spring and button, and commenced to pressing hard on said slinky ball chain…….and got it into gear and back in the garage!  Unfortunately, now the slinky ball chain is stuck in the depressed position, so I can shift with no deterrent.  No problem, will work on that another time.  For now, I’m glad it’s back indoors, poor cat had to stay out last night.

Thanks for the help, fellers!

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The next question is, how do you get the rest of the bead shaft out?   I have removed the top piece that you can see with the handle off. 

For some reason I can’t figure how to post a picture from my phone.