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NEGATIVE for 84 Fila

Fila, heres a couple notes that may help your next sale adventure
- callin someone names and tellin them how they should be buildin thier own car are not usually good ways to convince someone to agree with you.
- repeatedly stating that youre "not tryin to be a dick," doesnt mean you arent acting like one.
- lies, lack of communication, and avoidance are not good seller tactics.

for everyone else, this is how my deal with Fila has gone down.
i requested a full lock set w/keys from the car that Fila was parting out. after being put off in the thread w/o sufficient explanation, i contacted him thru IMs to find out what the problem was. i was told that the locks were too much of a PITA to remove and that i was ignorant for wanting to put used locks in my car.
personally i thought $25 for 30mins worth of work would be a good deal for him, especially considering he was already out there workin on the car. so after explainin my position on the locks, why i wanted what i wanted, and how to remove the locks, a deal was finally agreed upon. against my better judgment i decided to go ahead and continue workin with him.

so far, ive tried to keep the workings of the deal between Fila and myself, but Brian is workin with Fila on the car. Fila continually pulls Brian into the middle. after several "tomorrow" promises for pics of locks that are pulled, Fila has now been avoiding my PMs. the last PM i sent to him, got a reply back from Brian.

as it sits right now, Brian states that the lock set is not complete(door cylinders missing), but that he has the ignition and trunk cylinders sittin there with the glove box handle. i jus got an IM from Fila stating that the lockset is complete, but the ignition and trunk cylinders are not pulled from the larger components(steering column and trunk lid). complete opposite accounts on the status of the locks.....

today when i asked Fila for a workin time frame to get the locks all together and get some pics, the reply was "next time i go to Brians," and "maybe this weekend, i dunno." all the while i watch him peddle other parts of the car on the board that havent been claimed by anyone yet. what about the parts that HAVE been claimed??

im not layin ANY of the blame on Brian, i have only included him in this post to fill in the gaps.
the car was Filas purchase to part out. the thread i replied to and the deal i set up were both with Fila. at this point, im not sure if i will ever get the locks at all since ive been informed the shell is already gone, let alone ever be satisfied with the way this deal has worked out. im not sayin no one should ever buy anything from Fila ever again either, he is only 18 afterall. at 18yo i was very self centered and everyone else in the world came second to what was important for me as well. you can be assured, however, i will think twice before i ever do.
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NEGATIVE for 84 FIla

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Another LONG misunderstanding.
At the beginning I didn't wana pull any of them because I was told it was hard. Brian showed me otherwise.

When I said tomorow was then I thought I would be over to get the locks pulled. The doors were ulled and removed from the car. As to their location I'm usure as to where I put them. There is ALOT of parts layin around from the TC and 2 door locks can get  lost easy.  The trunk, ignition and glove box are still in their respective places  where they are susposed to be. 

I said from day one I didn't wana pull these locks and I didn't think it was worth the trouble. I don't have a steady way to get the parts as of now so when I said next time I go over I'll look, it's what I ment.

If you still want the locks great, I'll find them next time I go over. If you don't then they are trash and I'll keep tye keys to remember my first TC

And on my last note on avoiding my PM's, I talked to him/you on AIM and I worked most of the day yesterday on my rear end and the day before that on trying to get my car running again. I'm not perfect parts seller I admit.

I gave him a call and we worked this out as I understand. I was was in the wrong by saying tomorow as I should have said as soon as I can. I fell that we are on the track again and anything said above may or may not be taken to be used as litteraly.

NEGATIVE for 84 FIla

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You lost car doors?  You have a hard time pulling locks?  Wow>.<

NEGATIVE for 84 FIla

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No, the doors went with the car. I pulled the lock cylinders out and set them aside. I just don't know were aside is as there is litteraly a whole car minus the shell worth of parts to look through

NEGATIVE for 84 FIla

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after talkin on the phone with Fila, i heard all the reasons "tomorrow" didnt work for out each time it didnt work out. i hope that i have impressed upon him that even if you cant get the pics you promised, the buyer expects some form of communication from you on the day that you told them.

he did apologize for the name callin as well.

hopefully this sale will work itself out when he has more time to deal with it.
gumby - beauty may fade, but stupid is forever!

NEGATIVE for 84 FIla

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true dat man. I'll be in touch as soon as I have something new to tell ya

NEGATIVE for 84 FIla

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NEGATIVE for 84 FIla

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Ummm.. trust me. I can't get over right now. The only car at my house right now is my car, and the timing chain is broke. The GF is at work and she has the jeep. Dad is on teh road as a truck driver and he takes the Vic to the yard. So I'm out of cars. I feel that this is geting over complicated. Lets let this die down and it wil crrect itself as soon as I get the locks

NEGATIVE for 84 FIla

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Quote from: 84 Fila;157744
Another LONG misunderstanding.

Yes there is a misunderstanding and it is your misunderstanding about how to handle selling parts.

I didn't like your part out thread and the way it was handled to begin with but I let it slide. 

You obviously need better organization skills, especially when dealing with other peoples' money and time. 

You can consider this a warning.
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NEGATIVE for 84 FIla

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Understood Chuck. It was due to my lack of comminucation.

NEGATIVE for 84 FIla

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Everyone, I'm going with brian in about 10 mins to get pics f everything and find these. I *should* either have pics by the end of the day or I'll resolve this. Gumby, i fyou need give me a call on the cell at 330-246-0794

NEGATIVE for 84 FIla

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I started to make a similar thread like this but I didn't. But after going over my original WTB thread, I cannot believe it is over TWO Months since this transaction started and I still have no motor. Now granted a couple weeks of that was Fila waiting on me to receive payment for another part to pay him with.

He kept good communication the first few weeks, with one situation after another delaying shipping (some not entirely his fault, but others were), but after awhile the PM's started to fade off. And to be quite honest I forgot about it myself. Apparently my package was lost by the carrier and Fila contacted me about getting a replacement. Which was last Saturday. He told me it would be in the mail on Monday (which didn't happen BTW). 

He also owes me money for parts (I still have them, not a big deal). And after seeing the CHE thread I got to thinking... where is this money coming from? I cannot possibly fathom Fila doing this intentionally, I just think his priorities are horribly out of whack. But we already know that.

Now I realize you are 18, but if I say I'm going to ship tomorrow, unless something comes up (I've shipped an item on my vacation some 12hrs from home) you better believe I'm going to get my ass to that carrier. It really doesn't matter if you call or email. If it ain't in the mail, it ain't in the mail.

That's my advice. Take it or leave it.

I got to get back to work.
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NEGATIVE for 84 FIla

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Mike....I sent you a PM.
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NEGATIVE for 84 FIla

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Chuck: replied
Antionio : called and PM'ed
Gumby: Talked to you and all apeared to be sorted out once I get pics in a few. They will all still be " installed" though if that is ok