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Suspension/Steering / Re: Actual sweet spot on shocks/struts?
Thanks guys!   I dont like how my car rides currently.  Stock front springs (half coil cut) and Tokico blues for Fox mustang.

pretty jarring over small bumps, and Im tired of it being so low, i get some rubbing under hard cornering.  Gonna put in some V6 bird springs or V8 SN95 springs and change to sn95 struts.
General Fox T-Bird/Cougar Discussion / Re: So...LMR is making slick new 10 hole reps in 15x7 and 15x9 in silver and black.

I would love the details on this if you would. Which 16” rim, how there mounted, machining of the TRX’s.  Have an 83 that needs this treatment.

pretty simple.
I  had a machine shop turn the TRX centers down to barely fit into Center Line billet wheels. 16 x 8 fronts and 17 x 8 rears.
I installed long wheel studs.
The C/L wheels mount as normal with 4 lug nuts.
Then the TRX centers mount with another 4 lug nuts
I used some disc brake dust shields behind the TRX centers

We need some pics man....!
User Rides / Re: 88 XR-7 Project "Save this ol car"
So there will defiantly be some parts sharing with my new friend.

Didn't think I would find someone so close with more 87-88 Cougars than I have  :biggrin:;sa=tmpattach;attach=post_tmp_6239_b3e40688f82db8cf059949873a4389be;topic=40946

Lucky guy!!!  There are practically none of these cars around me......