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Engine Tech / Anyone block off there EGR
Should I turn my base fuel pressure up to compensate?  It is a 2.3T, my base pressure, vac line unhooked is 39.5 PSI.  When vac line is connected it is about 29.
Engine Tech / Anyone block off there EGR
Quote from: Cougar5.0;117007
Exactly, everything the EGR control does is "in addition to" normal air/fuel and timing.

So..... will you notice any performance change or drivability??
Electrical Tech / Ignition switch woes? Easy to change/fix?
Put a ford switch in mine,  My bolts holding it had no head or anything just rounded metal.  I used my dremel and cut a slot and used a screwdriver to back them out.  My old switch also fell apart in two pieces.
Engine Tech / Anyone block off there EGR
Quote from: Chuck W;115840
There is no gain to blocking it off...and actually a stock ECU expects to see it as fuel and spark maps take into account that air flow.

If it works, might as well leave it working.

Mine is gone on the 2.3T in the 83, but I can also program around it.

If the ecu is calibrated to calculate the airflow..... With the egr blocked, the car would run richer??? Just seeing if I understand.  And that would make the car maybe burn more fuel.  I blocked it on my car because it wouldnt work with Stingers header.  Chuck, how did you program around it?  Burn a diff chip?
Lounge / DCControl
I havent had any response either.  Not sure what is up.
User Rides / The '80 XR-7...
Nice work Chuck, I used to own a 81 XR7.  I liked the angles, except for the rear view (massive taillights).