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Body/Appearance/Interior / need a seating solution
My base LS  seats are sucking.  They are in fine shape, but are cutting into my left leg/buttock on the edge.  It sucks to drive and uncomfortable.  I am 6'  230lbs. 

Has anyone tried these seats from LMR?

I have a set of 84 Mustang sport seats I could have redone.  Im not sure they would be much better.  I cant find a decent set of Tbird cougar sport seats around here at all.  Guy on FEP had a nice set, but they were in Ohio. 

What about sn95 seats fitting?

Any advise is appreciated.
User Rides / Re: 84 Tbird project
Did the 3G on mine years ago from a yard alternator off a Thunderbird.  Be rocking it for years, truely needed for all our cars.