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Engine Tech / Help Please, Energy Drain
Yes, my Black is very jealous of the Red one.
The Black one blew the Alternator a few weeks back.
Now it will drain the battery sitting overnight.
I have tried different batteries so I know that is not the problem.
Right now, I'm thinking possibly starter or solenoid.
What do you think ?

User Rides / Re: Updates on the Red 88
I have to move both cars today as I'm pretty sure I have better door glass somewhere up in my loft.
I have too much stuff in my loft !
Canadian 87 and 88 Cougars owners should contact me as I know have too much  :crazy:
User Rides / Re: Updates on the Red 88
The window regulator/motor was missing a track and the glass had the plastic clips broken off.

Bought myself a new 1/4 inch pop rivet gun. Works well !
User Rides / Re: Updates on the Red 88
Left door, more of a challenge.

The guts are mangled in the black driver's door,
Everything has to be replaced

User Rides / Re: Updates on the Red 88
I drive my Pontiac friends crazy with my Mercury stuff  :smile:
My other obsession is,


The Canadian Made Pontiacs of the 60s looked like the US cars but were 100% Chevy Impalas underneath.
6 inches shorter than a Bonneville and about 3 inches shorter than a Catalina.
This one is the original 350 Chev motor with a powerglide (2 speed) transmission. Only about 1000 Canadian convertibles made that year.
User Rides / Re: Updates on the Red 88
My dad always said a new car will always make your other car jealous.

Thursday night, my black 88 Cougar blew the alternator on the way home from work.

I guess she wanted a ride in the trailer too  :smile:

User Rides / Updates on the Red 88
Last Fall, I sent the Red 88 XR7 off to a High School for the school year.

They had a lot of fun with my project.


The engine was out of a rusted 87 bought over 10 years ago.
Wire harness, shifter header panel out of the blue parts car that I had.

The engine was one of the most powerful stock 302s that I had ever driven.

I can't confirm that they are H.O. heads but it is a H.O. intake.

When I put the Motor in a few years ago it had issues.

Needless to say, all gone now.

They even talked me into using my prized 88 XR7 correct AOD that has only 60 miles on it.

Schools out and I brought it home yesterday.


My Black one that I have owned for 34 years never had this much power.

It was a fad to put HO heads on these engines in the 90s but I am not sure about this engine.

It may be the ECM as the car uses the one that came with the engine.

All together a fun machine.

The dark 11s are from the red one on a straight acceleration.


Car is not rust free but far from a basket case.

A real fun project so far.

I am going to install the rust free doors that I have and see if there is a market for the car in Ontario, Canada.

I have acquired another project so this one is looking for a new home.
User Rides / Re: The Cougar Helps with The Chip shortage
Just got word today from the Ford dealer,

Good news,
My 2021 F150 order is now a 2022 order at the same price.

Bad news,
New deliver expected February 2022 for a truck I ordered February 23rd, 2021  :dunno:

Oh well, more room for the Kitties to play !
User Rides / The Cougar Helps with The Chip shortage
Sent my 2019 F-150 off to a better place last February.
Long story short, great deal and I was not working due to Covid and had no problem waiting for the "3 Month" back order.
Now we are into month 7 with not even a VIN yet.
I'm back working and the Cougar has to fill the void.
Just dug the head light/Marker box out of the rafters and installed the A-grade lights and markers.
(I don't have any for sale)
As fall approaches, I need to see better on my way to work in the morning.
About 3,500 miles on this car, this year.
By far, the most I have driven this car any year since 1999.
I put 185,000 miles the first 11 years and only 3,000 from 1999 to 2020.
Anyone else waiting for a 2021 F150 ?;sa=tmpattach;attach=post_tmp_6239_df3e8ac887678bbb9aa9a7bc1a3684df;topic=0X