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User Rides / Re: Work In Progress. '88 TC
Almost a year has passed since last update.

Last year after the fuel pump issue got resolved (dam inertia switch), I have been just driving the car.  I recently turned down the boost a bit and have been driving it more to save on fuel compared to my truck.

The Scott Fab panels need some more trimming around the latch and I did put the edges under the fenders like Gumby's.  So far I am noticing lower engine temps even with the AC running.

I have continued collecting parts for the next steps.  I need to make an appointment with a muffler shop to get the bung put in for the AFR wideband. 

I bought an adjustable TPS sensor from Stinger and going to replace the temperature sensor in the intake.  My idle gets wonky intermittently without reason.  No vacuum leaks.  Also rebuilt my adjustable fuel pressure regulator so planning to put that back on until I can do a PIMPX upgrade and better injectors...............or keep dreaming about a 363......or that 351W sitting in the corner mocking me.

Also sitting on the shelf waiting for next stages: 
T3 (waiting rebuild time)
E6 Manifold (needs send out for porting)
Gnari FMIC (wanted the aluminum tubing rather than steel)
Dual Piston BOV
MM Caster/Camber Plates
'94 SN95 Spindles
Mach 1 front spoiler
Rear End Fluid change

Misc Tech / Re: phosphoric acid
ok by me...

here is the youtube link with the testing done live

this was done in a controlled manner, there's no reason to use anything else after you see this.....

my lessons learned are............
use 25% phos acid most times as its more effective than using 50/50.
I guess it has something to do with chemistry class.  also,, the white ish looking residue apparently is 100% paintable from what i have seen by others.,, as well is the black residue.
its almost like a primer layer self built upon the metal.

my channel............
James, I wanted to check in on how the treated parts you have done are holding up?
User Rides / Re: Its Alive...
Good to hear it get running.  Thanks for posting up the video.

Did you put preservative in the fuel?  IMO, I would drain at least half the tank and put fresh fuel in and check the float bowls to make a decision from there.

Are the rear pads only making contact with one side of the rotor?
User Rides / Re: New Addition
Ditched the old ratty hood liner that was falling apart as well.  This is a glue on style one ... hopefully it holds up and doesn't sag.  The cat head logo is just a sticker that was added after install.
Looks good!  I didn't know there was a glue on option.  Did you have to cut to fit or did you buy a certain one that is close?
General Fox T-Bird/Cougar Discussion / Re: Interesting read
Hi Mikey, how are things in the nutmeg state? Carol and I are leaving Florida this Friday, (4/1) and starting our journey across a good part of the country. We will be passing through roughly 22 states in the next six months before returning to Florida for the fall/ winter. Looking forward to the journey, just not my diesel bill! Currently $5.19 here in Fl. We will be putting about 10,000 miles on pulling the fifth wheel and a bunch more sightseeing without the rig. Maybe I’ll post some pictures here showing some of the sights we see, Yellowstone, Mt Rushmore, Moab, Hoover Dam Grand Canyon, Vegas, etc.
Glad to see Turbo Coupes getting some recognition at last. Not a Hellcat or GT 500 but great cars in their time.
Keep the Blue Ovals running!

Rick, it sounds like you are going to have an epic summer!  We stayed at a motel in Moab cause I wasn't going to even try to keep the tin box cool in those temps.  Please post pictures of your adventure!

Connecticut can't make its mind up what season it is yet.  March, in like a lamb and out like a lion normal.  I did get the studs off the bike and back to regular knobbie tires .  I am hoping to get back into doing my hour motos to stay in shape since I had carpal tunnel surgery done last fall.  I spent all my play money on my bike this year upgrading suspension and stuff rather than the car.  Just going to drive the car this year and enjoy.

Suspension/Steering / Re: RLCA.
Hi Mike, car looks great, I miss mine. Did you get a lot of snow last Saturday? We’re getting a lot of sunshine here in Florida!
ISTLCRUZ, I had non adjustable Maximum Motorsports lowers on my 88 and boxed the uppers myself and replaced the bushings. I was also fortunate to score some Koni NOS lowering springs back in ‘01. I don’t think you would go wrong with the CHE ones.
Hey Rick!  We got about 9" but I think your place got more being further east.  Eastern CT got something over 1' to 2' so guessing Rhode Island got it worse.  I am glad to hear you got some sunshine down there after that cold spell.  I have not done much to my car this past year since we met.  I've been riding more instead even got the studs on now.

ISTLCRUZ - Like Rick mentioned, I don't think you could go wrong with either choice.  Find out the backorder time and go from there?
Suspension/Steering / Re: RLCA.
How long have you had the CHE units? Are you satisfied with them? They are less money than the other brand. Can you post a picture of your car? Curious about the ride height.
Thank you
I've had them on the car since ealy 2020 so two seasons on them.  I did the upper and lowers with CHE. 
My old control arms were completely shot so the car drives like a different car and so much better.

I am at stock ride height.

Suspension/Steering / Re: RLCA.
I believe CHE advertises the lower adjustable will raise the rear of the car 1/2" with the same springs.

I have the CHE adjustable on my car and changed my rear springs to Moog CC821 that are shorter springs.  I am happy with the ride. 
Engine Tech / Re: after market Dizzy FYI *** IMPORTANT READ
The location of the gear is very important and it's a good idea to check side by side dizzy's before exchanging on the location.  If you have the chance to get one from the local yard whether good or bad electronically, it may be a good idea to grab it as a visual check.

Although the spring pin hole may offer a quick check, the location of the teeth is what matters.  The location of the spring pin hole for the gear and distributor shaft may differ but the teeth location must be the same.

Thanks JC for the heads up!