View Full Version : need some rims chopped on a car? wanna se it lowered?

02-03-2008, 04:24 PM
yeh, if you guys wanna see what some rims on your car would look like pm me or post a request here. if you want rims make sure you get perfect profile of the car you want chopped and the rim in most cases to look good must mach the angle of the car. it makes my job a whole lot easier and faster. i can shave things off, change lights, drops, etc. there really isnt much i cant do and usually make it look as good as possible.

Things you need:
1. Original Picture to be chopped
2. an example pic with description of whats wanted.
3. If needed any reference pictures as possible. (ie want a certain side vent, i need pictures. want moulding shaved, i need a reference picture [not always] want testerosa side grills, reference pics! lol

this is for you guys that cant do it yourself very well etc.