View Full Version : Whoops, there goes my alignment.

01-30-2005, 10:31 PM
I'm doing 35-40 down the road my girlfriends road is off, I get to her street and slow down to about 12-15, I take the turn. Her street turns out to be packed down with ice and snow, all other roads are nice and clear because the snow we got this morning melted away in a few hours after it stopped. I hit an ice patch and my wheels lock up, car starts sliding toward the curb and SMACK, my front right tire hit the curb. The snow on the curb got plowed up onto the sidewalk. I got out and parked the car. I parked with my wheels at a 30 degree angle facing toward the driver side, I noticed the wheel that got smacked was turned more then the other. I turn the wheel back to straight The wheel is just visibly out of alignment.
Today just wasnt my day. My car started to heat up to the 3/4 mark, it ussualy hangs below the half mark. Its accleration today was horrible, I think something bad happened when I started the car. But before all this, I walked out of the house with 3 decks of cards in my hand, I dropped one deck on the steps, then I slipped on my ass walking down the driveway and drop another deck.
I then start to play around with my girlfriend, we start tickling each other smacking ourselves silly with pillows and then she nails me in the mouth, her finger went inside my mouth and ripped a peice of my gum off...then she tripped me and i hit my shin on her bed, she pushed me out of the bed. To top it all off we started to play with her sister and me and my girlfriend held the door shut with her sister on the other side, i pushed my girlfriend out of the way and the door flys open and smacks me in the forehead.
Today sucked balls.
Can anyone diagnose my crappy acceleration problem? I pushed it to the floor and it crawled all the way the 40...The engine was revving high because the put put of the exhaust became a loud fpreeeeer sound(no muffler) but I was hardly moving...torque convertor wasnt warmed up enough? I doubt it's my fluid, I don't lose it that fast.

01-31-2005, 05:47 PM
I noticed when i was running my car in the morning and it didn't heat up... the acceleration was crappy...

The car didn't run good cause i had no antifreeze. So when my car started to overheat it was running like crap. When i put more fluid in it, it ran like it always did.

Thought, that might help if it's overheating.

And hang in there... My luck is just as bad when it comes to my girlfriend. If it's not physical abuse, she has a tendency to break things i love.