Has anybody here ever swapped out the base '85/'86 gauge cluster to the full electronic? I've always liked the full electronic cluster. I see on "CoolCats" about going from a base/full to the analog, but not from base to full. Assuming one could find a full electronic cluster (which I suspect is difficult), how hard is that swap? I understand that it would probably required re-pinning, but besides that, anything else? If the car came with the base cluster, does it have all the connections (like the gallons-to-empty, instant and average fuel mileage, etc) to go to a full elec cluster? And finally, would the donor car and the car being modified have to have the same engine (really this has to do with the tach)? I might like to make this swap someday, again assuming I could find the electronic cluster and the cost wasn't too prohibitive. Anybody got one for sale? Thanks.