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Can't you use a TC bumper cover with the standard grille? Even if you're not hot on the TC bumper's styling it's gotta look better than hanging a pair of foglights in front of or underneath the non-TC bumper.

Slim fog lights can be installed in the non-TC lower holes - I did it with my '87 Sport. Don't know how Marschals would look (or fit) there though
I want to mount Marchal 750 fog lights (the ones used on early Fox Mustangs and all Lincoln Mark VII LSCs) below the area where you mounted the slim fog lights.

The idea seemed like it would work using the air slots in the bumper below that area, but that was when I was looking at it after having a couple of beers. I'd probably have to design some kind of crazy bracket to get them to mount to the bumper behind the cover. I'm going to wait till a Lincoln Mark VII LSC shows up at a local junkyard and grab the fog light brackets. It would at least give me a starting point.

I know I could go with a newer fog light but I want the Marchal 750s for a period correct vibe.