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I'm not going with a tubular-K for a long time, if at all really. Maximum Motorsports' tubular does offer geometry benefits, but I'm not aiming to be competitive. I'm just aiming to fix the short-comings of the car.

As of right now, I have MM's tubular SN95 arms in need of bushings and balljoints. Also have their C/C plates. Also have 94-95 spindles and axles. For short term, I have some cheap shocks/struts/springs I'll use as my car has 225K miles on it and it just needs some love.

I'll be using 99-04 GT/V6 brakes until I follow through with removing the Teeves system. They're inexpensive and still pretty effective. After that, I'm unsure of where I'll go with brakes. The Cobra stuff is nice, but there are still a lot of other options to explore.

For certain, I'll be using MM's control arms, torque arm and panhard bar. My goal is to have the money stashed away by the time Black Friday sales start happening. They offer some *okay* sales. I'm hoping to have the TA/PHB for when I take it to the shop to have SFC's and jacking rails welded in and have them do it all in one swoop. After that, I'll determine what spring rates and shocks/struts I want to run.

It's going to take time since the car does need a lot of work. Every system on the car needs some sort of work. It's a 2.3T so every seal leaks. The 4 banger T5 is notorious for the input shaft being galled up, and mine needs attention. Still has a factory fuel pump. Needs headlight relays. So on and so on.

As far as power, the 2.3L can safely handle about 400rwhp. I'm not concerned with the strength of parts as much as I am with keeping it cool and the oiling system keeping up. I haven't done much homework to find what it takes to keep a 2.3 happy under sustained load and RPM.
The front plus the brakes sounds like a solid setup. I'm under the opinion that if you're doing mostly street driving that the stock K-member is probably better anyway. Better brakes are a definite plus, and realistically something I should do as well. But ditch that Teeves system. It was such a royal PITA on my Mark VII. Parts were expensive and hard to find, and it's only going to get worse.

I'm interested in you experience with the MM panhard bar. I've been considering picking one up. The MM rear control arms made a huge difference but I think the panhard bar would make it even better. I haven't even considered the torque arm, as that's probably beyond what would make the car tossable on the street, but would be great on a road course.

I would think that an aluminum radiator with two rows of 1" tubes should handle the 2.3T fine. I've got got one of them (a several year old Northern unit) and the car rarely gets over 200-205 even in traffic with the A/C on stun. But with that turbo dumping heat into the system you may need something even better.