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Thread: LMR complete brake upgrade kit?

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    Default LMR complete brake upgrade kit?

    Does anyone have any insight on the total upgrade kits from LMR? From the way they are advertised, it seems like they are a plug and play kit to upgrade our brake system to the "cobra" style with the INCLUDED SN95 spindles. From quick research, it appears to include just about everything you need, instead of the old method of piecing together parts bought seperatley?

    Over the winter, im really wanting to upgrade the brake system while also converting to 5 lug. Im really hoping this kit is what it is.

    1986 Ford Thunderbird
    !!COMPLETED!! 427 ci ROUSH engine swap<<!NEW! Fed by a Holley Terminator EFI setup/ custom COP setup ignition
    8.8 rear. with 4:10 gears, Eaton Trutrac diff, 31 spline axles and external breather system. Had it cleaned, sandblasted, and powder coated.

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    I used the SVE-2300K setup on the front and SVE-2320CRK on the rear of my 1985 1/2 Turbo Coupe. I used the sn95 spindles from a 95 mustang and already had an 88 rear axle housing. The only problem I had was they sent me a right side anti-moan bracket for a regular GT not a Cobra (not their fault, Ford Motorsports had it boxed with a correct left side bracket). Everything else bolted right in.

    One difference on mine, was that I needed a brakeline adapter for the opposite side that the write-up on the Cool-Cats mod page said. The part # was 1 digit different.

    Should have bought it all in one kit, but in my confusion I thought the rears wouldn't fit. Later, and much more reading and found that they would, and they did.

    I do not regret one cent that I spent on them.

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