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Thread: corner lamps 87 / 88 bird TC vs SPort

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    Default corner lamps 87 / 88 bird TC vs SPort

    whats the deal / how does it go.

    i have two styles of corner lamps in my attic for future deer hitting episodes that have not happened yet.

    son hits a deer, needs one pass corner lamp.

    go to the hoard and i discover many.

    then i discover of my many, there are two styles.

    are the corner lamps for TC different and the regular bird & coug the same or what?

    sorry, i just dont recall needing to pay attention to this but funny thing is,, on the phone with my son last night i said,,, "i believe there is a difference between bird and coug corner lamps".

    i have no idea why my gut insisted on it but,, now i suspect my gut was right...

    One corner lamp i have along the top horizontal line has a flat surface just behind the black trim.
    one corner lamp i have along the top horizontal line instantly drops off down a ramp following the curved interior reflector profile.

    also,, the orange reflector in one is larger than the other.

    Physically it appears one corner lamp is somewhat larger than the other as well.

    many people recycle thier sport corner and headlamps into a TC nose and just need the innter TC lamp housings.

    i am wondering too many things..... confusing myself.

    if a properly loaded up TC nose lighting with original lamps were obtained,,, there should be a fittment problem if the TC lighting were brought over to a sport header panel,, correct?

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    87-88 Thunderbird base, LX, Sport, and Turbo Coupe corner/side lamps are all the same. The 87-88 Cougar ones are different.
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    Yup, just the center lights are different on tc's vs lx.

    The cougar ones are way different if i rekeber right.
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