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Thread: Shocks and strut mounts

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    Default Shocks and strut mounts

    Did my 86 Cougar OE strut mounts Motorcraft have bearings? My question is if I replace my strut mounts with ones that have bearings will that change the way my car drives handles, I want to keep the OE feel squishy and soft. I know this has been talked about somewhere but not specifically about bearing mounts/verses non bearing mounts, please help I want to fix my ride.
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    No it did not.

    Factory Replacement:


    The CC plates from Maximum are worth the $$$ if you are going to lower the car or if the car cannot be aligned caster or camber wise. If you are not going to lower it and it is well within the factory alignment specs now then you can get the factory replacements and go on down the road.

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