This is the schematic I used to wire my cluster. I did not use the voltage regulator or capacitors shown. If you use the same Autometer Speedometer I did connect the "out" terminal to 5v IVR Return, position 10, dark green/white. Note from Autometer- "The speedometer signal output terminal, (VSS), produces a +5 volt DC Square wave signal. This signal may be able to be used as a VSS signal with some OEM and aftermarket ECM's and cruise control units."

Note- I use the Autometer GPS Interface to the "Sig" terminal on my speedometer.

I have a VSS installed in my T-5 with a 23 tooth gear, (Steeda from Summit, SDA-392STE17271D). This is supposed to be the correct gear per Ford for my trans, ID# 1352-246, and 355 gears.

I have never used cruise control. I did replace the TC cruise control unit with the one from my wrecked 87 Sport.