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    These are probably stupid questions, but I'll ask anyway.

    Around a year ago, my power driver's seat quit working. It did NOT just go out slowly, it just quit moving forward and back. It still moves up and down, and you can hear the motor when you try to go forward and back, but it just doesn't move. Now, here are my questions:

    1) Is the power seat motor like a window motor? In otherwords, does it have a little plastic piece inside that could be stripped out?

    2) If that's the case, shouldn't it not be moving up and down, either?

    To put it plain and simple, I need to know if anyone has a definite answer to this. If anyone does, I need to know exactly what I need to fix it, just in case my wife needs to drive the car (if something happens to her car for some reason). She can barely reach the pedals right now. She's very short. LOL If anyone can help me, I'd appreciate it. Thanks in advance.


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    The seats have three motors and small cables that operate the tilt (fore and aft, two different motors and cables), and one motor and cable that provides the foward reverse operation. The cables are like small speedo cables, and likely it has broken. This is a fairly common problem, never seen a gear prob but I'm sure it would possible.

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    Mine cables had just popped out.
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