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Believe it. It's not like hitting the lottery. You work hard, and you reap the fruits. Enjoy!
Thank you, not all people understand that.
A few thinks I'm a douchebag for working hard and affording toys.

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Nice...damned nice.

Also, the SN95 isn't that big of a car...the Viper looks like a go kart next to it.

And coincidentally, a couple of weeks ago, a co-worker and I were on our lunch break, we saw a GTS cruise the lot....damned things are actually not all that big. Pretty much a sexy go kart with a hell of an engine.
I also always thought that the SN95 was a small car. But it does weigh closer to 1800kg, so it's a heavy bastard.
The GTS is a small car, but it's wide. Ridiculously wide.

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That's awesome. I'm with ya 100%, have always drooled over these since I was little.

Is this your first position as an engineer? I remember you mentioning that you were a crane operator/tech something like that but that was a couple years ago..?
I was a Comissioning Engineer over at ABB for almost 3 years. Now I've changed company to a very small one where I'm automation engineer, working with railroad power systems and water power plants.

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Nice! Enjoy it!

So what no burnout pictures?
Those 335's are expensive!
And I'm poor after buying the car...

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Man Im jelly! Diggin the Viper! And your buddy has a neat Stagea too, sure he's seen the double unicorn build by Marty, Moog, Turbo Yoda, and Mechanical Stig
The Stagea is a cool ride!

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Nice Viper. I once rode in a at that time new ACR Viper (early 00's), white with blue stripes IIRC. It was Crazy rare, like of of 10 made or something.
I believe the ACR white/blue stripes is the one where they only made 3 of it.
So yeah, super rare!

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22,300 some odd miles.

I'm jealous.
That could be it! Basically nothing

Here are 3 pics from last weekend.