Well for now the UPR Boostmaster cold sir kit I put on yesterday has dropped the inlet temps 25*. Went to track yesterday and only seen 175* vs 200* prior. Not great but definitely going the right direction now.

Speaking of going to the track..... didnt have a very good day. Had to abort 6 out of 7 passes due to it going dead lean when I shifted to second gear. Only pass I got down the track under any kind of power I left real soft with a 2.14 60ft then shifted slow and easy. Once I was in 3rd I went WOT to 5500 then easy shift to 4th and WOT again. Ran a 13.20 but timing system didnt show my MPH. Found I have a bad connection in the harness plug going to the injectors. If I wiggled the plug the car would shut off or stumble just idling. Looks like the G-forces on 1-2 shift was enough to break the connection and the injectors would shut off. Every log I took showed 8-9 psi in 1st gear and 11.5 afr....shift to 2nd and it would go 18.0-1 faster than I could get out of it.