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T-Bird/Cougar Parts & Cars WANTED / Top fro t windshield molding
Like the title says, I need a top front windshield molding for an 87 Cougar.

The one I had decided I wanted a divorce from the car while I was driving on the parkway. My fault actually.  Don't ask..... It's been a long morning.

Lemme know what you got!
Lounge / Re: Welcome To The New Board!
You gotta host it from another location.  Type the image web address into the signature and put the IMG tags around that.
Lounge / Re: Welcome To The New Board!
I'm having severe issues through a mobile device.  Timeouts occur in blindingly short periods of time and I am unable to edit my profile or post from a mobile device. 

All appears well from my laptop.....
Lounge / 2020 Shelby, American Muscle Link
Depending on pricing and whether or not this continues into the 2021 model year (which is probable. Every time they say it's limited to X number they blow right past that number), this car is within the realm of possibility.  I just put myself into a car payment for the wife in August.....  I'm already 6 months ahead, lolol!

For something like this, My 05 Would go and most likely the Cougar as well. I'm getting to a point where I'd rather dedicate all my energy at ONE toy rather than a multitude.
General Fox T-Bird/Cougar Discussion / 83 XR7......Why do I have a P92 in a LS trim?
I've typed your VIN into about 7 or 8 different VIN checkers.  The Ford ones say the VIN is for a 2013 Sable, LOLOLOL!

The other ones say it is in fact an 83 Cougar, but none gave a trim level.  One said the car was a 3.8 which we know is incorrect due to the 8th digit being F.

You could pony up for a Carfax or a Marti report if you're THAT curious.  You could see what the local DMV printout for your VIN says if anything, but that's a crapshoot.

My guess?  The VIN decoder is incorrect with regards to the trim label.

Also, that top isn't super rare.  I've seen quite a few like that over the years.
T-Bird/Cougar Parts & Cars WANTED / Paul Needs Parts (2018 Version)
I got the radio.

I'm waiting on a box from another friend that's SUPPOSED to have something else I need for a project in which I'll be grafting a factory Ford Slave CD unit into the car and installing it in a way that would appear the car came this way.  I had a second, realted project in mind, but the part for that has become all but impossible to procure.

The weatherstripping I've decided to blow some money and order all new through Steele Rubber....