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Lounge / Re: Having Forum issues
On Google Chrome that is what fixed it for me. 

Might want to include what browser and operating system for the guys here?
General Fox T-Bird/Cougar Discussion / Re: Cracked my windsheild
Ugh.  Hate it when crap happens.

I had a sport gauge cluster out of a 77-79 Thunderbird I had been saving for probably 20 something years.  Last year it fell off the bench onto the concrete floor and shattered.  I am still bummed about it.
User Rides / Re: My 85 TBird
I've seen that trunk lid mural before.  I can't remember where and maybe in a past life but I have definitely  seen that somewhere before.

User Rides / Re: Chuck's '83 TBird
Perhaps a dumb question......What if you ran the upper control arms shorter and rotate the bracket you are going to weld on up counterclockwise in the picture?  Have you gone through the geometry to see what would happen?
Suspension/Steering / Fox body control arms
Blackbird- Some of these links may help.

What I have read on the Maximum Motorsports lower control arms is that if you use them you need to use Mustang springs.

Also, the adjustable CHE lower control arms raise the rear 1/4" to 1 - 1/2".

Anyone use the CHE adjustable then use the Mustang springs later on?

I may just go with the non-adjustable CHE for now and later down the road sell the lower when I swap out coils for an adjustable lower.  Project creep!
Lounge / Hit a guard rail today.
Good job saving it.

Hindsight is always 20/20.  There's been a lot of black ice here too.  Then all the salt and sand is like driving on marbles here.  Glad everyone is okay.
Body/Appearance/Interior / Heater control knob caps replacement?
Quote from: cougarbird86;468753
Greatly appreciate that! Hopefully ill get to the car soon to start dimensioning things out. Problem is that its in storage a decent distance from my house.
Let me know.  I'll be here.
Body/Appearance/Interior / Heater control knob caps replacement?
If you want to shoot me a sketch I'll print one in ABS.  Not sure how it'll hold up the point pressure.

One thing to keep in mind with 3D printing is that most of the materials available are not UV rated and will need a coat of paint. 
I printed a throttle cable guide to keep it from snagging on my steering damper on my bike.  It is holding well since I put a coat of paint on it.
General Fox T-Bird/Cougar Discussion / Rust Remover
There's several products out there for removing rust.  I would like to see what others have used to see before and after results.

For smaller parts that I can fit in a coffee can/bucket I have had good success with Evapo-Rust.  The hardware shown is off my old dirt bike that was in a damp garage that I soaked over night in the Evapo-Rust.



I did need to paint/protect the parts after the chemical treatment or they would rust up pretty quickly.

I am curious on other products for larger parts like the Rusty 911 that Chuck mentioned in another thread.