View Full Version : (TurboCoupe50) question about ur SC tranny.

12-09-2004, 06:56 PM
well i know you have the Sc tranny behind ur 5.0 and you also have a transgo shift kit. well i have a mustang and put a new tranny in it and have done the shift kit (trans go) and i think i may have done something i shouldnt have. im not sure if ur kit came with it but it's called a "high rev kit" well it messes with e govenor of the tranny. and oly did one part bc it said shift 3rd at 4900. well i took it for a drive and i was at 5500 in 3rd and it wouldnt shift. so if i take this out will or should it make it shift normal.

but what i really would like to know is does it shift to od normally with out haveing to be be nailing the gas?

any help would be great. i only ask you bc you said you have it and have had no trouble with it. so.... again thanks in advance.


12-10-2004, 01:49 AM
I put the rev kit in mine and it shifts approx 5700 1-2, and only about 5200 on the 2-3 shift(would be happier if it was more like the 1-2 shift). I reinstalled the orig 3-4 shift valve, as I didn't want the tranny shifting to OD when drag racing(yea it did, and broke the stock input shaft).

Under normal driving my O/D comes in at approx 45mph. Remember I have 3.73s, with something like 3.08 it would be more like 55. Lengthin your TV cable, will bring the shifts in sooner. As long as the shifts as quick and firm you won't hurt it.

12-12-2004, 06:54 PM
well thanks for your input on the subject and it helped. but we forund the problem. a spring was left in. but not the tranny is doing some more weird stuff. like acting like i stick i have to hit like 1500-2000 to get going only when it's cold and it's poping out of gear . im pretty sure it's not going to last and. i cant get passing gear. i think it's off to the junk yard and get one out of a lincon or a sc if i find one. and if it dont shift i bring it back and get a new one .

thanks again