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08-23-2005, 02:32 PM
I saw the Trans 101 article on TCCOA and thought that maybe some of those upgrades could be done on my 87 AOD trans I'm rebuilding, specifically the clutches. See what you think and if you've got part numbers it sure would help. Finding parts is the second hardest part of this rebuild. Taking the trans out was the first.

Direct Clutch:
Mine can fit 8 frictions and 8 steels but the pressure plate is too thick.
Have, 0.059" frictions and 0.060", 0.070" steels, oem pressure plate is 0.220".
Alto says same frictions and steels but has a 0.128" pressure plate.

Was thinking I only needed the pressure plate here.

Reverse Clutch:
The article said another friction/steel could be added to the reverse clutch making it 5 frictions and 4 steels. However either the pressure plate, apply plate or a combination of both must be thinner.
Have, 0.061" frictions, 0.068" steels, oem pressure plate is 0.200" apply plate is 0.370".
Alto says 0.058" frictions, 0.055" steels and a 0.138" pressure plate no apply plate listed.

Did not want to buy this many f/s. I measured mine and without a thinner apply plate this won't work.
Has anyone done this and can you tell me the thickness to use and the part numbers?

Forward Clutch:
Here the article said to remove the wave plate to add another friction/steel making it 6 frictions and 6 steels. Here again the pressure plate must be thinner. My question is how will the removal of the wave plate effect shifting and reliability? Also would I use the same thinner pressure plate as used in the reverse clutch?
Have, 0.061" frictions, 0.068" steels, oem pressure plate is 0.200".
Alto does not show any thing.

Intermediate Clutch:
With a thinner pressure plate I can have 4 frictions and 4 steels. Yet the only plate is see that will make this possible is a thinner pressure plate 0.258" listed at bulkpart.com for the 4R70W #D76144E. Will this pressure plate fit in the 87 AOD?
Have, 0.080" frictions, 0.070" steels, oem pressure plate is 0.402".
Alto says 0.066" frictions and 0.069" steels and a 0.338" pressure plate.
But I measured mine and can do this with just another f/s of the same thickness I've got only a 0.258" or thinner pressure plate is needed.

Didn't know if the 4R pressure plate would fit the AOD. Need help.

Snap Rings:
I figured I'll need different thickness snap rings. I've checked with Ford and they said there obsolete. Any ideals where to get new ones?

Thanks for any help you can provide.

09-07-2005, 08:35 PM
if you live in and or around charleston, SC i know where you can get a the performance AOD internals you need!